Patches the Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Patches's mom says: I had been after my fiancé for ten months to let me get a dog, and finally last summer he relented. I was looking at a local shelter's Web site every day and one night we saw that they had a new dog posted but with no photo. His description turned us off; we were looking for a mid- to large-breed dog, over two years old, (so it would already be housebroken) and absolutely did not want a Jack Russell! But we drove out to the shelter to meet him and fell in love when he did his first leap into the air. Patches had been found wandering the streets with a collar (but no tags) that was too tight. He was a little underweight and he wasn't in the best physical condition. We couldn't have asked for a better little dog! He settled into home life in a flash. Our wriggly little pup is such a joy and I can't imagine not having him in our lives. He stays in our bedroom while were at work, and when I come home and open the door I'll see Patches's tail poking out from underneath the bed, wagging a mile a minute. He won't come out until I leave the room and waits until I'm out of sight before he comes bounding down the hall and jumps straight up into the air to greet me. I think he thinks he's going to surprise me! Every night he hops up onto the bed and snuggles in between us for a bit and then hops off to sleep in his own bed. He jumps back up again in the morning and I usually find him curled up in my arms, head on my pillow, waiting for me to wake up. Patches comes to work with me on Saturdays and the people there fall over themselves to play with him and make him do tricks for carrot sticks and pineapple chunks. He's a real fresh fruit and veggie addict.