Petito the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Mixed (unknown)

We found Petito-Potato in Montenegro last spring in a basket on the side of the road. There are lots of strays there as they don't spay dogs as a rule. No idea the breed--some fox terrier, bit of Jack Russell, dash of dalmatian, smidge of Canaan? We can't believe how perfect he turned out to be. Super charming personality. Could not be sweeter. Clever, curious, thinks everyone loves him. Full of kisses, loves cuddles. Wonderful with kids. Adores people. Loves to play and run outdoors, but calm in the house. Hardly barks, doesn't chew anything, well behaved, though certainly spunky. Gets quite 'verbal' at times and seems to be trying to speak to us in a sort of doggy language. A very amusing, often comical, little companion who makes us laugh a lot.