Phoebe the Boxer

Dog Breed: Boxer

Phoebe is our wonderful six-year-old boxer. She has been apart of our family since she was eight weeks old and we could not image life without her! Throughout the years, she has become the perfect companion and friend. Her most favorite things to do are to play keep away with any toy that is nearby, feed her compulsive licking fetish and chase those oh so elusive squirrels. Phoebe has a natural talent for making anyone feel loved and much to her delight the feeling is happily reciprocated with lots of affection! We recently added to the family our boxer puppy Zeus who Phoebe absolutely adores. They are now inseparable and love to wrestle, play chase and tug-of-war together. We are so proud of what a great big sister Phoebe is and know that they will both have many fun filled years together!