Presley the Border Collie

Dog Breed: Border Collie

Presley came to me when I was with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California. When she was dumped off in the shelter, she was was 13 weeks old and completely paralyzed in the rear. We took her to an orthopedic specialist and didn't get any real answers except that her condition was nonsurgical and non-degenerative. I started vet tech school about a year ago in Colorado and couldn't part with Presley. She became my first "foster failure". Presley was hooked up with CSU as an honors program teaching dog with one of the top neurologists in the country. That is where we discovered that she was most likely accidentally or intentionally kicked prior to her 13th week of life. She suffered a broken pelvis, cruciate injury, and her sacral vertebrae and tail fused. The doctor said he had never seen an animal walk again after the extent of injuries she suffered and that she was a one-in-two-million case.