Punchy the English Bulldog

Dog Breed: Bulldog

Paola, or Punchy as we call her, has been in our family for over four years now. My sister actually found her roaming the streets -- in bad condition with skin infections and a piece of radio wire round her neck. Both she and we were lucky to have found her, because she's the best doggy anyone could ever ask for. We are not sure what she likes to do more -- eat or sleep -- but she definitely does a lot of both! She would eat more if we let her, especially pizza, which makes her drool uncontrollably. She also loves to play with her bones and toys and watch TV. And boy is she an attention sponge! She will stop to say hi to everyone on an overcrowded New York City street, with no regard to how in a rush everyone may be. She usually gets a hello back. Our Punchy is the cutest, stinkiest, most lovable bulldog and we love her more than anything.