Ripley the Brittany Spaniel

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ripley's mom says: Ripley is two years old and quite a stinker. We were told Ripley was the "quiet" one of the litter. Ha! He has gotten himself stung by a bee in his mouth for trying to eat it, and once he grabbed my Sheltie's Rimadyl because I had neglected to put it back up on the shelf...and ate far too many of them. After I made him throw up, I had to take him to get his stomach pumped. He was hospitalized for one day and then came home as if nothing had happened. Ripley loves to chase our cats from one end of the house to the other. He is also a thief. I do professional cake decorating, and one time Ripley managed to eat a corner off one of my cakes I had made for church.