Roadie the Adoptable Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Roadie is the cutest little 18-month-old terrier mix you'll ever set eyes on. Although Roadie is not a true German Shepherd on the outside, she knows exactly what it feels like to be one. Her best friend is Wiley and the two of them are a mismatched pair who will melt your heart from the moment you meet them. Their special bond is something you'd find only in a Disney movie and to tear them away from each other would break not only their hearts, but ours too. We would love nothing more than to find someone who will adopt both of them together. Roadie and Wiley are great with other dogs and love to explore their surroundings together. They sleep curled up next to each other at night and are really as close as two best friends could be. Roadie is a little girl. She weighs around 10 - 15 pounds. If you want to meet this magical pair, please fill out an application today! Check out for more information.