Rocky the Blue Heeler Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Rocky's mom says: Rocky was born in Texas in a neighborhood where the dogs just ran loose. He got his name from eating rocks in the driveway. He was about 10 or 12 weeks old when he adopted me. His little belly was so full of worms that he waddled. It took me three weeks to straighten him out. He grew up to be a wonderful, loving, unique-looking dog. I know his father was a true blue heeler and his grandfather was mostly rottweiler. Rocky just ended up with everything his mom and dad had in them all at once. We now live in Maryland on 23 acres. Rocky has the run of the land and is in heaven. His sister, Gracie, a 12-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback, keeps him in line. He is also in charge of two mischievous Siamese lynx cats. He barks at them whenever they are being bad, like when they claw on the carpet or open cupboard doors. He is a great protector and makes me feel safe when I am home alone.