Roscoe the ChiWeenie

Dog Breed: Unknown

Roscoe's mom says: Roscoe is a rescue dog from Dogs Without Borders. He was saved from a shelter and we had the joy of meeting him before he could even be fostered. When he's with his dad he's full of energy and just wants to play, play, play. But when he spends time with me all he wants to do is cuddle. He's a quick learner and already knows sit, lay down, and paw. We're still working on "stay," but the little guy just seems to have too much enthusiasm and energy to get that one down. He loves his toys, and frequently tries squeaking back at his best friend Sock Monkey. He also loves playing with his friends, especially Hamish (pictured), because he can outrun him. Roscoe does struggle to run in a straight line though, his back legs are longer than his front, so he always seems to run on a curve. It makes darting around corners extra easy.