Ruby the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Mixed (unknown) / American Pit Bull Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier

My husband and I found Ruby while driving by a busy highway. I stopped my car to see she was obviously a very sick stray. I sat down and called her to come to me and she crawled right into my arms. I could tell she was a baby, and she was not healthy at all. She had no fur, fleas from head to toe, very skinny, scratches all over, and worms coming out of her. We kept her for the night and decided we would call the no-kill shelters in the morning. She would not eat or look at us, she just wanted held. When all of the shelters were full we decided she was so cute we would adopt her. We took her to the humane society for cheaper medical care, and got her all fixed up in no time at all. She is now the sweetest most loving dog I have ever owned. She has stolen mine and my husband's hearts. Her older brother loves the company, and we have now decided to only ever get our future dogs as rescues. We think she is some kind of pit mix, with maybe Jack Russell or Italian greyhound (very long skinny legs and torso). She has also changed our view on pit bulls as a breed--seeing as she is obviously part pit and the sweetest, most gentle dog imaginable.