Sabina the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / German Shepherd Dog

Sabina is a German shepherd / Carolina dog mix with possibly a bit of red heeler in her. She is an SPCA rescue and I honestly can say I couldn't find a better dog. Sabina is highly energetic, loves looking for an adventure, and in the end always is up for a good cuddle. She's very athletic and intelligent. Coming from an abusive home prior to being rescued by the shelter, Sabina did have a few problems and issues and was very timid around strangers. Now, she is a huge people lover--always showering our guests in kisses and encouraging them to play with her by bringing them all of her favorite toys. She has become a very trusting and loyal dog and makes a wonderful companion. She truly is a loved member of our family and I look forward to many good years with her.