Sabine the American Eskimo

Dog Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Sabine's mom says: Many years ago, I found Sabine on the street during the Fourth of July. I took him to the animal shelter so that his owner could find him. When no one came to claim him, I took him home. Sabine loves to howl (especially when we howl with him), enjoys bathing in the sun, and likes to sneak a dip in the muddy pond. While he has never been too interested in toys, we have discovered his obsession with cat toy mice. He loves to flip the mice into the air and pounce on them -- just like a cat! Two years ago, Sabine was severely injured; his entire back half was paralyzed. After hours of tears, we came to the realization that we might have to put him to sleep. But Sabine fought hard and, to the surprise of everyone, he made a miracle recovery. His paralysis eased into a limp and now you can hardly tell that he was injured. We are so lucky to have him with us, and we feel grateful every time we see his huge doggy smile!