Sam*, Frodo, and Brownie

Dog Breed: Unknown

Sam, Frodo, and Brownie's dad says: This past April 21 marked the one year passing of our beloved dog, Brownie. I think about her every day, especially when I play with our two dogs, Frodo and Sam. Where Frodo and Sam can be knuckleheads at times, Brownie was anything but that. She was elegance and grace. Brownie was the alpha dog. She taught Frodo and Sam everything: "This is what you do when daddy says 'Go for a ride,' 'time to eat,' how to scratch the back door to go out, play ball, get the belly rub, everything. We adopted her when she was one day away from being put to sleep. I went to see her, and the second she saw us, it was a done deal. She was scrawny from being abandoned on the street. She was gentle, protective, and she could run like the wind. We adopted Frodo and Sam as puppies. She was never jealous. She would lay down and the puppies would yap, nip, and tease her. She would playfully swat them with her paws, clean them. They only bit the big dog's tail once: she turned and bared her teeth and they learned quickly. Brownie Frodo and Sam * Previous Puppy of the Day ~ Sam's Puppy Pictures