Sammie the German Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Sammie's mom says: We adopted Sammie when she was eight months old. She had been abandoned twice already -- she was first found on the side of the road and later was surrendered by her owners who couldn't have her in a new condo. The day we saw her, we knew that she was meant to be with us. We were told she was a German shepherd / beagle mix, but as she grew a bit bigger we recognized the pit bull in her face. Sammie is an energetic little lady with a lot of love to share. She absolutely loves to run! Whether it is chasing a ball, a frisbee, another dog, or a squirrel, she will run until she collapses. Her all time favorite thing is to curl up in bed or on the couch with us. Because of Sammie's history, she doesn't like to be left alone. But after a few minutes of barking, she is fine, and we always get a big welcome when we get home. Sammie is our baby girl -- we can't remember what life was like without her. Even with the challenges that often come with adopting a dog, we simply love her to pieces. I think she would say the same thing about us!