Sascha the Adoptable Grown-up Puppy

Dog Breed: Border Collie

Sascha is a highly intelligent collie cross who needs to be kept mentally and physically active. She also has the most awesome tail wag we have ever seen on a dog; it seems to start from the tip of her nose and extend through her whole body. Sasha loves her walks, going out in the car, and is also fine to be left alone as long as she has her toys to play with; she is scrupulously clean in the house. Sascha will make the right person a hugely loyal and loving pet, but that person has to be the right one for Sascha (an experienced collie owner). She can be fear-aggressive to other dogs and needs to be under control when near any other animals. Sascha is fine with older (teenage) children and adults but cannot be homed with younger children. What Sascha needs more than anything else in this world is a collie savvy owner who has the time to devote to her to keep her mind and body active, and to help her through the next stages of her development. In nine months she has come so far and now she needs the right people to take her on the rest of her journey. Are you that person? Please visit for more information.