Sausage the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Mixed

Our little Sausage Box is a rescued pup that was left in terrible conditions by some folks who definitely did not deserve her. She ran and jumped and licked her way into our hearts as soon as we saw her. She was a little rough around the edges when we adopted her but very quickly became the softest, most beautiful little lady with the big brown eyes. All she wants to do is sleep on us, but we do make her exercise occasionally. She loves to chew ropes but hates anything that squeaks. She hardly ever barks but makes some endearing seal and pig noises, as well as some pretty loud snoring. She loves her comforts, but she's a smart cookie too--she learns all her commands after just a couple of tries. She's basically a chubby little Sausage who's full of love and just wants to bury her nose under your arm and dream all day.