Schmutzy the Havanese

Dog Breed: Havanese

Schmutzy's dad says: To be honest, I had never heard of Havanese prior to finding Schmutzy. My wife and I were looking for dachshunds, but we were told we could not have any since we have stairs at our house. My wife picked our other dog, Numfar, fairly quickly. I originally had my eye on another dog, but Schmutzy pushed that dog out of the way when I went to reach for it. The Havanese, once a favourite of the Cuban upper class, are related to bichons. They almost disappeared before a single American breeder rebuilt the line. The breed was recognized by the AKC only in 1996. Schmutzy is a Yiddish word meaning "dirty." Since coming home, Schmutzy has lived up to her name by digging in the dirt and getting as much sand in her fur at the beach as possible. I understand that these dogs were bred to look pretty on sofas, which they do. Schmutzy has the unfailing friendliness of a good restaurant maître d'. She had been amazing with children, some of whom can be quite rough with animals. We hope to continue to develop Schmutzy's full-time hobby as affection sponge.