Monday, July 28, 2014
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Jun 8, 2009 suelill
Shadow I'm so pleased you were rescued and made better. You are lovely. Lots of biscuits and cuddles.
Jun 8, 2009 bkregh
What a beautiful creature you are Shadow. I am so glad your family found you. Lots of love to all!
Jun 8, 2009 luvmeluvmydogs
Awwww - u r wayyyy toooooo gorgeous Shadow, and ur friend too. Glad ur leg's all better, punk'n :) lots of treats 4 u xoxoxoxoxo
Jun 8, 2009 toddycat
Shadow you are gorgeous.I'm so glad you were rescued by your family and that your leg is better. Have a wonderful life with your family and doggy pal. Tons of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and bikkies for you sweetie.
Jun 8, 2009 terry c
Would you look at this big ole handsome bear?
Jun 8, 2009 HillCountryGal
Shadow, you sure look happy in all your pictures. Sounds like your new family is pretty darn happy too. Gentle hearts do come in big packages.
Jun 8, 2009 DoglessInZurich
He is absolutely HUMUNGOUS! And that smile is just as big as he is, what a happy, loving sweetheart. You are some lucky parents!
Jun 8, 2009 Candya
I like this picture, because I can see how huge Shadow is. God's blessings to you for your loyalty to Shadow even through difficult times.
Jun 8, 2009 maddiesmom
what a big boy. thank you for giving him a home and love. he looks so happy.
Jun 8, 2009 amyliz
Hi Shadow, you big, lovable lug! You look like such a sweet, handsome boy and I'm glad life is good for you now!
Jun 8, 2009 daveydog
I adore big dogs. Shadow looks like an especially loving fellow and, like others, I am so very happy for you that his rescue was successful. As a small human, I tend to favour small dogs ... no prejudice ... just comfort... but I always admire the big, comfy Newfie or Pyrenese breeds. Shadow is a handsome boy with much love in his eyes. Love that he spends time outdoors, too. Bless 'em all. Ontario, Canada
Jun 8, 2009 ckendall
What a handsome happy boy!!!!!! Give him a good belly rub for me.
Jun 8, 2009 djmc
Shadow you look so happy, is'nt wonderful to be loved and cared for. God bless you for giving him a home with loads of love and care. Shadow you are sooooooo handsome. hugs and kisses
Jun 8, 2009 fritzy
Wow, it looks like you have a lot of wilderness to expore. Too cute!!1 :)
Jun 8, 2009 loveheals
Shadow is so handsome and looks like an absolutely lovely boy, a gentle giant. Wishing you many years of joy together. Kudos to you for adopting him!
Jun 8, 2009 daphne's mom
Shadow is so beaitiful! I am so glad you rescued him and got him the help he needed! He looks so happy! I haop you have many more happy and HEALTHY years together! Much love, many biscuits, and hugs to Shadow!
Jun 8, 2009 tobyslattery
now there's a cool dog!
Jun 8, 2009 kerryllr
Wow - he is big! I had a "shadow" some time ago, however, we called her "Sombra" (Shadow in Spanish). I like Shadow's face and coloring - very sweet and kind eyes.
Jun 8, 2009 BASummers
Shadow looks like such a sweetie! I'm so glad you rescued him and gave this gorgeous boy a home.
Jun 8, 2009 cyndita0414
Yay! I'm so happy that you & Shadow found each other - it must be tough to be a big, adult dog without a home! And, you paid for his knee surgery! I usually don't go on about that sort of thing, but really, that was wonderful of you. Shadow looks so happy in the pictures, it's clear you've provided a wonderful home for him. Huge amounts of biscuits & pets for Shadow & his doggie friend :o)
Jun 8, 2009 w102663
Kudos to you for opening your home and heart to this hunk of a young man. He looks so happy and well adjusted. I am pleased to hear that his surgery was successful. His pictures are great! I like this one with one of his buddies. Many happy and healthy years with Shadow. XXX OOO XXX OOO to you Shadow and to your friend.
Jun 8, 2009 jessie's mum
Shadow, you are gorgeous ... Thank you to your human parents for rescuing a grown-up dog; it's no wonder that you follow your mum (or dad) around like a "Shadow" ... best wishes to all of you.
Jun 8, 2009 kyladee
Shadow is beautiful.
Jun 8, 2009 kian
I love big breeds and he is a good looking dog with a great family who loves him.
Jun 8, 2009 twinkelbelpeach
What a big beautiful boy. And you look so happy, dear Shadow. Hope you have a long happy life with your forever family.
Jun 8, 2009 snoopygirl
Omg you really can tell the size when you compare him to the Lab! :) I agree with the mix. What a big majestic creature!
Jun 8, 2009 Coinshop
Shadow, you are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy that you found your wonderful humans who got the surgery you need. I hope you have many happy years together!
Jun 8, 2009 muzzlenuzzles
Oh, he does sound perfect -- and he's so very handsome too!
Jun 8, 2009 tamwise21
Wow Shadow you are a big boy and you look so happy.
Jun 8, 2009 malawi
So glad you found caring people to love you big handsome boy! I concur with the Rottie/Newfie possibility
Jun 8, 2009 TummyTickler
WOW, he is a big boy and sooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! He could even have some Lab in him. Shadow, I love your name and how you look from your gorgeous smile to your wonderful coat and white teeth!!! I love this pic of you and your friend. Thank you so very much for adopting and giving him a loving home and for his much needed surgery too!!!! Sending you lots of love, biscuits & tummy tickles, Zoey and I.
Jun 8, 2009 anitac
Hes beautiful! I love the larger breeds. Maybe he'll live longer being mixed. I hope so. My fav breed is Rotti, but their so short lived. Good luck with him, he and companion are great. Thanks for posting
Jun 8, 2009 doggone1973
Shadow is a beautiful boy and his buddy there is cute too. lots of hugs and kisses always.
Jun 8, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
What a gorgeous animal Shadow is! His friend is very beautiful, too. I know how much you must love him by the fact that you have taken such good care of this wonderful boy! May you get in double in return all that you give. Lots of big bear hugs for this handsome boy. Sending a virtual TON of biscuits for him to share.
Jun 8, 2009 liz
Aw, I want to hug him. What a good boy.
Jun 8, 2009 lisalisa
I'm so glad Shadow has a forever home and a family who love him and took care of his leg! What a beautiful boy he is. I would definitely not rule out Newfie - he has that adorable Newfie face. He's a doll.
Jun 8, 2009 clemency
Wow, what a big handsome boy Shadow is! I just love his face--he looks so kind and friendly! I also love his pretty shiny fur!
Jun 8, 2009 iluvk9s
Beautiful babies!!!!
Jun 8, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
What a great shot! Shadow is just so handsome.
Jun 8, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Shadow, I'm soo glad your people found you and got your heel fixed. You look happy and weel-loved in this picture. And you're wished a long healthy life with lots of treats and tummy rubs.
Jun 8, 2009 catlover
Could have some black lab in him, but he's great anyway.
Jun 8, 2009 kady
What a great boy.So big and handsome
Jun 8, 2009 drakes' granny
Handsome fella. There should be more people in this world like you to give all for a very deserving and faithful friend. You are both rewarded for sure.
Jun 8, 2009 kgpayne13
What a handsome boy!
Jun 8, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
Shadow I can see all the love in your eyes! Bless your family for rescuing you and giving you the care required. I am sure you are so grateful for them every day as they are for you. What a handsome fellow indeed. Shadow looks like a gentle giant, full of love and devotion, intelligence and humour. Hugs from Oliver and his Mummy in London, Ontario
Jun 8, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Shadow is to cute 4 me.
Jun 8, 2009 georgia04
This is a beautiful picture. Two very handsome dogs and a gorgeous background. It looks like a painting. Thanks for rescuing Shadow. His smile communicates his gratitude.
Jun 8, 2009 lucybee
I cannot believe how big you are compared to a Lab,and they aren't exactly little.I'm so glad you found your loving family and a happy life.
Jun 8, 2009 lizanne
Shadow, I love you and I am so glad that you got your surgery and are now feeling much better. You are lucky to have found such a good forever home. Thanks for rescuing Shadow. Hugs from Elizabeth, MIss Katie, and Master cooper in NY~
Jun 8, 2009 puppy world
I see he is aplaying whith his buddie right there but that name really fits him. come on you cant tell what breed he is it is obvously he is a black lab mix with a golden retreiver expect not golden. Well the name shadow fits in withh a working dog and that is a black lab too because shadows are dark. Shadow looks active to me
Jun 8, 2009 sheltie_lover11
So handsome and precious
Jun 8, 2009 T&T
Shadow you are just the most handsome guy, and your friend is really cute too! I want a big hug!
Jun 8, 2009 tazzysmom
Your Shadow is a handsome hunk! And what a big hunk he is! He looks so sweet and good in the pictures, you must give him lots of love. Please give Shadow a big kiss on his handsome head for me.
Jun 8, 2009 Annie2
We'll never have to worry about Shadow, not after reading these words: "Whatever he is, he's perfect!" Perfect owner, too.
Jun 17, 2009 ilovemushy
she is so cute !!!!!!
Aug 31, 2009 xoxoleena
Shadow, I'm happy to hear that you're okay now! You're description says you're a friendly and faithful dog! Of course you already look like one! Hugs, cuddles, biscuits, and XOXO's, baby!
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