Shana the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Shana's sisters say: Shana came into our lives at the tender age of one and a half months, and she quickly became the heart of our family. Family outings soon became dog friendly hikes, and our summer vacation turned into a few weeks in Martha's Vineyard where Shana could enjoy the environment as much as the rest of us. This year, we entered Shana in the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair's Mixed Breed Dog Show. Out of about 25 mixed breed female dogs, Shana took home the blue ribbon! Shana has a warm and happy disposition, and she has an intuition for when anyone in the family needs her love. She enjoys long car rides, belly rubs, her pink ball and sleeping in whichever room the family is sitting in. She dislikes thunderstorms and can usually be found hiding under the bed during them. Her full name is Shana Punim, which means "pretty face" in Yiddish. Shana is truly the fifth member of our family, and we all love her very much.