Sky the Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Sky's mom says: Sky is a fun loving Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix. Despite his size, when I take him to the dog park he seems to run away from other dogs, even dogs half his size. When we go to the park he doesn't care about playing with other dogs or fetching a ball, all he cares about is peeing on as many trees, bushes, trashcans, benches, etc. as he can. Sky has a very unusual habit, in that he chews his paws. He can lie down for hours and just go after his feet. I've asked the vet what the deal is, and he said it could be allergies or sky really just likes the taste of his paws. He definitely loves a good bone. Whenever I give him one he won't stop eating it until its non existent, and sometimes he gets very defensive of his precious bone. A lot of times sky just likes to sit out on my apartment balcony and watch people go by and enjoy the weather. when he was younger he was quite a handful,but now that he is older he really has mellowed out.