Sophie the Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Sophie's mom says: Sophie is ten months old and always full of energy. She has a tendency to jump several feet in the air when she gets excited, and it's always a good laugh for those around her. She is the sweetest dog and she always knows how to make your day brighter, whether your happy, mad, or sad. Sophie's best friend is our black cat Harry, and although she is more than twice his size he still shows her who's boss from time to time. She loves to run around and play hide and seek with my boyfriend, and she will always win. As a college student who is constantly under stress from adjusting to the adult world, having Sophie in my life is the best thing I could ever ask for. From our daily snuggle sessions (she's the best cuddle buddy EVER), to the way she will look at me with those big loving eyes, I know that I made the right choice when I picked her.