Sophie the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Hi, my name is Sophie! I'm a very sweet girl who knows how make anyone smile, especially my parents. I love sleeping on their pillows at night because sometimes I think I'm a human; I might as well be one because I'm just as smart. I love treats, especially peanut butter, yum! I like to go on walks, play in the rain, go on car rides, fight over treats with my adopted little sister, and beg for human food.

Comments (37)
Jose Nov 12, 2011
Sophie you're a very pretty girl. I hope that you have a great...

av617 Nov 12, 2011
So funny and cute.

sammienmona Nov 12, 2011
What pretty girls. I hope you both have a great life. Hugs to you both!

Missmilamae Nov 12, 2011
Oh Sophie, in this pic you look like you have just arrived in...

Missmilamae Nov 12, 2011
P.S. I just love your glittery name tag! You look like a girl who...

lalamcgoo Nov 12, 2011
Love this pic. :-) precious girl.

katz66 Nov 12, 2011
I love this picture. She looks like she is laughing so hard she has...

Mmmousemaid Nov 12, 2011
Ohhh what a nice family dog Sophie is. And she looks like she has a...

Kddid429 Nov 12, 2011
Doens't it look like I am plugged into the wall? ;) But I...

dogluvr857 Nov 12, 2011
Two happy dogs! It makes me happy to see them smile.

Abiglen Nov 12, 2011
Oh Sophie, you're a scream - is this your Count Dracula...

lovesk9 Nov 12, 2011
Sophie, you look just like my Schultz, a lab mix with long legs! He...

WATERDOG Nov 12, 2011
Oh man, that was a good one! Where do you get these! Good times.

malawi Nov 12, 2011
I really love you in this one Sophie...although it was a close one...

daphne's mom Nov 12, 2011
Sophie you are so beautiful! I hope you have a long happy and...

gryt Nov 12, 2011
Such a happy picture! Sweeties... :)

pandrews-4 Nov 12, 2011
Sophie, thank you for giving me such a smile this early in the morn!...

chelsearosebud Nov 12, 2011
Sophie, This is a classic "calendar" bird dog pose. What a...

amyliz Nov 12, 2011
What a goof! Sophie, you are a pretty girl and have personality plus!...

amyliz Nov 12, 2011
Love this picture! What a couple of characters!

GSDLVR Nov 12, 2011
Just beautiful!

cane corso Nov 12, 2011
So tough to pick a favorite pic here! This one shows her about as...

The Raven Nov 12, 2011
Sophie, you are a wonderful girl, you have so many expressions of...

maroula Nov 12, 2011
Lovely, sweet girl ! You're so cute !

maroula Nov 12, 2011
such a nice pair !

cherokeewoman Nov 12, 2011
you so remind me of my beloved Phoebe who passed away a year...

cherokeewoman Nov 12, 2011
Such a loving picture of happiness

drakes' granny Nov 12, 2011
Sophie, you have a beautiful smile. Such a happy girl and pretty...

Pupeluv Nov 12, 2011
Hi, Sophie, This is a beautiful photo. You look like a...

JanW Nov 12, 2011
Such a pretty girl you are, Miss Sophie! Wishes for a wonderful life...

tomthumb Nov 12, 2011
How sweeeeet you are Sophie! You have won my heart. Good luck to you...

Oliver & Henry's Mum Nov 12, 2011
Sophie, you have the most beautiful "please rub my tummy...

mychiensr1 Nov 12, 2011
I just love Sophies smile. What a cute girl. She looks so happy! ...

tzumom Nov 12, 2011
What a beautiful smile you have pretty one, lots of love to you and...

guerrero's grandma Nov 13, 2011
Happy Happy Happy... goin for a car ride ... Sophie, you are so...

Roxy29 Nov 14, 2011
Just look at those two faces !!! How absolutely adorable !!!!!

wolfgirl66 Nov 18, 2011
Beautiful Sophie looks very happy! All of her sweet pics are super cute!