Spooky the Jack Russell Terrier

Dog Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Spooky loves adventure anywhere he goes! He loves running and hiking through mud, kayaking with his mom, and traveling across North America. Originally born in Canada, Spooky is a well traveled critter, but sometimes he gets tired and needs to sleep it off in a tire, a big, comfy chair with a blanket, or under the couch. He also loves to get dressed up for special holidays and occasions like his winter penguin outfit, his Christmas pajamas, and his Steeler jersey for every Steeler game (which are holidays). He also enjoys hockey to stay close to his hometown Canadian roots, eh. He's full of love and gives his mom and various aunts and uncles hugs and kisses every day. He especially loves his uncles because they are always available for a playdate. Spooky's best friends include: a doberman, a giant schnauzer, and a kitty. On his off days, he enjoys chasing squirrels in the park.