Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Mar 15, 2007 untbunny
Oh my goodness. What a lovable face!!!
Mar 15, 2007 ROSIE1960
What a sweet baby!What a pretty boy.
Mar 15, 2007 allimarie
AWWW! What an adorable little grumpy boy. :D
Mar 15, 2007 Lex&SpikeysMom
AWWWW, I am Tai Pie's (that's what I call him) grandma, he is my only grandog, (only grand anything actually)......we LOVE HIM to death!! He is the sweetest little guy ever!!! I got up really early so that I could see him on Daily Puppy today. LOVE YOU TAI PIE!!!!!!!
Mar 15, 2007 Jackie
Boy what a great looking dog....he almost looks human, is it his mouth? He looks as though he might start talking to you..Look into his eyes and you can see the wheels turning. He looks like a thinker, probably a mind reader. Hey Grandma, that was well worth getting your butt out of bed for, lol, you are one lucky lady to have him......again, he is a beauty. Hope you enjoy him for many years......Jackie
Mar 15, 2007 sheron
Tai is a very beautiful boy I don't think I have seen one before,he's a doll for sure now. A sweet face he has.
Mar 15, 2007 kathleen
Oh Tai your famous, and deservedly so!!!! Uncle Pete, Stewie and I are so thrilled to know you and be able to give you kisses and cuddles. We love it when you come over to our house with your mommy and daddy. You are the cutest most loving puppy and so calm and collected (much different from your puppy friend and my baby, Stewie). We love you Tai Poochie!!!!!!!
Mar 15, 2007 snuggles19973
What a cutie pie. His coloring is gorgeous. You are a lucky mommy and daddy for having a sweet little guy.
Mar 15, 2007 kjsmom77
Tai is so beautiful. What a lucky puppy to have you for a Mommy and Daddy. Thank you for allowing me to meet him and get those great kisses.
Mar 15, 2007 wgrod
Hi, I am Tai's other Grandma . We are so lucky to have this cute Tai Poochie in our lives. For the next few days his Grandfather and I , Aunt Ava and Uncle Max are babysitting him. We are trying to teach him to sleep vertically in bed with us at nite time. It's a little crowed with all of us in one bed, but we all love to cuddle!!!!
Mar 15, 2007 wgrod
Hi, I am Tai's Aunt Ava!!!!! I love Tai , BUT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM with him. Even though he probably learned his sneakness from me, I would like the world to know that the nice comfy bed that Tai sleeps on at work IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!
aunt ava
Mar 15, 2007 Charlotte Smith
What an adorable little guy! Congrats on your lovely pup!
Mar 15, 2007 puppy-lovin' freak
He's the most wonderful little poochy EVER! I love his colouring and eyes - and cheers to his mum and dad who took him in and treat him like the king he obviously is! His little chin makes me want to squeal - and he does in fact look like Falcor.

Yay for Puppies!
Mar 15, 2007 Terry C
Well, his original owners must be blind because I think he's just gorgeous!

Very striking coloring!
Mar 15, 2007 pugluv
Tai is such a handsome boy!!! I can't stop looking at his lips...they're pouty.
Mar 15, 2007 nyee
I've had the pleasure of spending time with Tai and he is the sweetest doggie ever. He's so incredibly soft and lovable.
Mar 15, 2007 yujismom
its so amazing what dog owners decide to give up-Tai is precious like our yuji who is a rescue lhasa...their loss our gain!
Mar 15, 2007 Laurel
He looks so . . . human. But in a good way.
Mar 16, 2007 anon
YES! The first two things I thought were Gizmo and Falkor! I can't even imagine someone wanting to get rid of this silly, sweet Grumpy Gus. He's so unique and just has so much character.
Mar 17, 2007 Loizhanne
tai is the most fascinating japanese chin that we have ever seen. he makes us want to reach thru the screen and grab him, kiss him, cuddle him, and listen to him
"roo roo roo"! we are absolutely stunned that anyone would feel
that this dog was not desireable! was the previous owner perhaps not able to take care of the special needs of an albino, or was he blind
to the beauty of this
dog? tai is unique and
to be treasured for who he is and not judged against the
specifics of his breed.
he is very lucky to have a grand family
who treat him like the
japanese royalty that
he is. please scratch
those pretty ears and
give him a belly rub
for us!
Mar 19, 2007 kawauso
Oh wow! I've never seen an albino Japanese Chin before! I saw the pink nose and feel in love.
Mar 25, 2007 javamom
Tai is absolutely beautiful in his uniqueness! And he really does remind me of Falkor-are you sure he doesn't fly?? Either way- he is precious and I'm glad he now has a home where he is truly loved.
Mar 31, 2007 japchinluvr
Oh My Goodness!!!! I too have an albino, female named Emperess Mi Sui, we call her Sui for short (she resembles a pig) we also have a bl/white male named Emperor Tai Ichiro, Tai for short....How ironic! My Sui looks just like your Tai, I was searching and happened upon this website and will post some pics later on. We also have a new addition to our chin family marble/wh female named Sofia, she is the most honery thing! Your Tai is beautiful, unique and I am certain he knows it!
Apr 5, 2007 Taismommy
japchinluvr - please send me pictures of your albino chin! I would LOVE to see them. I never knew there was another little special one running around out there!
Apr 28, 2007 allgodscritters
He takes my breath away! He is ethereally beautiful. I can not imagine what his original owner was thinking, but I am certainly glad for you and for Tai that they let him go so that he could live the life that he deserves with the people who truly love him. He is truly special, as are you and your family. God bless you all, and I hope you have many wonderful, happy years together.
May 11, 2007 sandi
What a stunner-- he is just precious-- I'm glad you ended up being his family (instead of the first one that rejected him)- I can see by the postings that he has a large family that loves him. He is truly a unique one and is totaly adorable. I love the way his ears and hair blend just like he has a pageboy hair do!
Jul 8, 2007 TIPPE60
Absolutely adorable, i have a chin also so am a little partial. He is the bestest friend I have ever had.
Dec 7, 2007 sylvanbliss
Tai turned up as the potluck puppy and I am so glad he did so I could get to know him! I'm enchanted!
Jan 8, 2008 Mummm
What an interesting, and adorable looking pup!
Jan 22, 2008 KttyGol
he looks human....but angry!!ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes scary looking
Jan 22, 2008 KttyGol
he looks human....but angry!!ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes scary looking
Jan 29, 2008 mollyrocks5566
i would'nt give him any bones EW!!
Jul 13, 2009 Barbarablack
Tai looks like such a love!!! We have a chin that is similar...lemon colored with pigment glitches on his nose and lips...Ours is happy to see anybody who comes to the front door, turning circles and then calming down to find a lap!!! Aren't they the most wonderful dogs? Remmie has alerted me 3 times (in his little 2 yrs of life) to my husband's diabetic episodes!!!!
Nov 14, 2009 dogworld93
what a cutie!
May 7, 2010 mmckee2006SamsMom
Hey, I just wanted to warn you that someone is using Tai's picture and your complete bio as a scam ad on the Raleigh, NC Craigslist. 729270456.html I don't know what they are up to but it can't be anything good. They say he's only a year old which is impossible considering your posting is over three years old. He 9;s a gorgeous boy and I hate to see his images and info used to manipulate people
May 6, 2012 VirginRail
Yo bitches! Jeanie here. Anybody else think this dog looks like Richard Branson? Peace out y'all! Jean xxxxxxx
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