Tarja the Dachshund

Dog Breed: Dachshund

Tarja's sister says: Tarja lives with us in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She's a very affectionate dog who does everything to make her family happy; always licking us on the face and arms, running around us to play, and following us around the house. Her natural eyebows make her look very expressive. When she does something wrong, she looks at us with very pitiful eyes and lies under a piece of furniture until she feels she had enough of self-punishment. Then she lies on the floor with her belly up asking for love. Tarja loves stuffed animals; a white bear named Sah is her favorite one. The bear is named after a friend of mine, since I had bought it for her and Tarja "stole" it when I came home with the toy in my hands. She grabbed it and wouldn't let go. Sometimes Tarja wants to talk to us. She stares at our eyes and start barking gently. Then runs to get us to run after her to play. She's very quiet, calm, and peaceful but she hates loud sounds. Tarja's the perfect dog and we're very lucky to have her with us.