Teddy* the Dachshund

Dog Breed: Dachshund

Teddy's mom says: Teddy has his own brand of honey. He "talks" to us, telling us to take him for a walk or fix his dinner. You kind of have to be here to understand it, but he does try to communicate by speaking, something we have never experienced before. Ted's favorite activities are going on a walk and going for a car ride to my mom's (grandma's). He is very, very fast and runs as quick as any dog we have ever seen. We had health scare with him when he was stung by a bee. (My husband is a beekeeper and no doubt one of our own bees did the dirty deed.) We rushed him to the vet where he got a shot, was observed for several hours, and was okay. Teddy and Honey come from the same kennel in Virginia. * Previous Puppy of the Day ~ Teddy's Puppy Pictures