Tessa the Mini Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Unknown

Tessa's mom says: I am only 16 years old and I know many people think a girl my age is not competent to raise a puppy but I think otherwise. I saw her ad the the newspaper and drove two hours to see her and couldn't leave without her. Tessa has taught me so many things and we sort have matured together. We live in Alaska. She loves the outdoors and would stay there all day except that it is too cold. Sometimes she will stay outside until she has to pick her paws up to keep it from touching the snow. She loves to go for walks. Whenever we pass the front door, where I hang her leash, she will touch the leash with her nose, pushing it just enough to make a noise. One of her favorite snacks is an ice cube. Whenever somebody opens the refrigerator she will sit there staring at you -- it is very hard to resist. She loves visitors and loves having her belly rubbed. She is very smart, which can be both good and bad. But at eight months she knows "sit", "down," "stay," "come," "roll," and "play dead" among others. When she wants you to play with her she will come up to you and nudge you or give you her toy. Sometimes when I play the piano she will hop up on the bench and join me. It is a really interesting thing to see. Her tail is docked -- something characteristic to the breed. So when she is happy or excited she can't really shake her tail so she ends up shaking her entire lower half. She is such a character and I can't wait to grow up with her.