Violet the Shiba Inu Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Violet's mom says: Violet is a very funny dog. She is instantly curious about new people and dogs, but she gets shy whenever anyone wants to pet or sniff her. After a few sniffs, she comes around and usually follows up with licks or an invitation for rambunctious play. She has a lot of energy and loves to go on walks around town, hikes in the mountains, and runs around the dog park. She also enjoys naps in the sun and on the couch. She enjoys chewing on bones and going through her repertoire of tricks for treats. Violet, true to her heritage of Shiba Inu and rat terrier, is very smart -- a trait that keeps her people on their toes. She is a sweet dog who ultimately aims to please. And after waiting 25 years to get my first dog, I can say Violet made it worth the wait.