Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Feb 13, 2008 Suzy's Mom
Winny, you are so beautiful. I love your outdoor wear. I'm so glad to hear that you have a happy forever family.
Feb 13, 2008 whoopiwho
She is beautiful and is so lucky to have found such a loving family. I wish you all a very long happy life together!! They are all Great pictures!!
Feb 13, 2008 Mummm
I love how Winnie cocks her head to the side in some of her pictures. She is really pretty!
Feb 13, 2008 Poppet-Doodles
I very rarely post, but I just have to comment on how beautiful Winnie is. Corgis are a weakness, if you will, and Winnie is such a cutie. I love this picture; not only does it have Winnie in it, but I think that it's a lovely picture overall! Kudos to the photographer, and please give Winnie a well-deserved tummy rub for me!
Feb 13, 2008 DaveyDog
I chose the photo because it's a stunningly beautiful photo, although the shot of Winnie with her biscuit would be my favourite doggy photo. May I ask where the photos were taken? My husband and I did a mini-analysis of the "biscuit" photo and wonder if it was taken inside a trailer. We're campers, too, and really enjoyed Winnie's photos. Campers are normally friendly and outgoing people, but add a doggie to the mix and there's no holding back ... especially a doggie as special as your Winnie! From Ontario, Canada
Feb 13, 2008 Ursa'sMomma
What an smartly turned out, adorable adventure gurrrl she is! Love those Corgis!
Feb 13, 2008 kwikwitz
Winnie I love your outwear wardrobe! But your lobstah pillow is just too cute! Wow, Winnie you are the Corgi "It Girl" for sure!
Feb 13, 2008 pauz4paws
Winnie, you're beautiful! I have a house full of dogs, but if I could......would get a Corgi. They just absolutely melt me with their sweetness and charm.
Glad you are settled and happy now! Have had dogs with separation anxiety before and it can get real crazy. Love and best wishes to you and your family from Fl. xoxo
Feb 13, 2008 shebert
Winnie is such a pretty girl! She takes such beautiful pictures! You are so lucky to have her. I love Corgis!!
Feb 13, 2008 lilyj
I admit I have a huge soft spot for Corgis, but Winnie takes the cake. She is gorgeous, and looks so sweet and adventurous. She is very lucky to have found people to give her the patience and love she needed to blossom into the wonderful dog she seems to be. May you have many wonderful years together.

Also, I must say, it was very difficult choosing a favorite photo, but I chose the one I did because it's not just a good photo of her, it's a really good photo, period. My compliments to whoever took it.
Feb 13, 2008 weaselsmom
Although all doggies are special, I think Winnie's post has got to be my favorite ever!!!! Winnie is absolutely irresistable and so personable- and the photos are fantastic. Wieners and Corgi's (short legged babies) are the greatest. Adopting a dog that is not a puppy is so fulfilling and more people should try it. Thank you for making Winnies's life so wonderful- I am sure she will return the favor!
Feb 13, 2008 kool_kat_3
Don't tell any of the other doggies but you are one of my favorite doggies on here! You look like you have a lot of fun! Lots and lots of love and treats for you! xxx
Feb 13, 2008 Winnie'sMom
Thanks for the nice comments everyone! The camping photos were all taken on the east end of the Boundary Waters. We don't have a trailer, just a tent. The others were taken at her daycare and in our apartment.
Feb 13, 2008 puppypac
What an adorable girl. She is just charming and from her pics looks
like quite the little adventurer. I like all her pics - she is just beautiful with great eyes - love the big ears too!
Feb 13, 2008 clemency
Wow! I have never had such a hard time choosing a favorite photo, because each picture of Winnie is more adorable and amazing than the last! Winnie is so cute and so photogenic! I love all the camping pictures, Winnie in the snow, sleeping with her lobster, and with the big bone in her mouth! She is definitely one of my all-time Daily Puppy faves!
Feb 13, 2008 pixiegirrl
I love all of the pictures but especially Winnie wearing her pretty kercheif in the first picture and the action shots of Winnie wearing her life vest. I love corgis too!
Feb 13, 2008 yujismom
i completely agree with everyone that i wanted to choose every photo...but since i had to pick ONE i chose the "small dog meets mystic forest" shot...she is a beauty and thanks for adopting!
Feb 13, 2008 bongo
Winnie is such a cutie! I'm glad you stuck with her despite her puppy troubles. The place where she is walking on the log is beautiful.
Feb 13, 2008 doggielover80
she is totally adorable! it was hard to pick a picture. she should be in magazines. : ) she sounds like a great dog. enjoy her.
Feb 13, 2008 CelineBeforeSunset
She has a really happy look in her eye and the photos seem to show she has an adventure filled happy life! Lovely to see!
Feb 13, 2008 Maddie the Dog
This is such a happy day- I love it when dog owners give there dogs lots of exercise
Feb 13, 2008 snuh
OMG OMG OMG!!! I love Winnie!
Feb 13, 2008 akitamom
Oh, these photographs! Each better than the last!
Feb 13, 2008 museumwebbie
What is it with corgis and logs anyway? Mine always used to do the same thing-- get her anywhere near a log, or anything resembling a log (downed telephone pole, pipeline...) and she'd hop on and walk across it at a good clip. Same with the corgi/golden cross I have now, he loves to show off in front of the cat that he can do the same thing she does!
Feb 13, 2008 doxiemommy83
oh my goodness what a precious sweet darling! Enjoy Miss Winnie and all the delight she brings to your life- she is soooo cute! Smooches!
Feb 13, 2008 FDonald
With the bone picture and the lobster picture, it was REALLY hard to pic a favorite. Got some good ones near the water too. Lucky dog to be adopted into your family/pack.
Feb 13, 2008 bopeep
Winnie is beautiful and sooo photogenic. Thank you so much for taking in this needy baby and taking the time to make her the sweetheart she is. Many more happy years of fun and camping with this baby. Hugs and kisses from Kansas USA.
Feb 13, 2008 LucyBee
I admit to a weakness for Corgis also.She is such a pretty girl and good for you taking the time and patience to win her over,I wish you a long and happy life with her!
Feb 14, 2008 K9Lover
I had a terrible time trying to pick a favorite picture!! What a sweet pup!
Feb 15, 2008 StephanieS
What beautiful pictures! Winnie is obviously having a wonderful life - I'm so glad you all found each other!
Feb 24, 2008 kitkat_00
Oh Good Lord! I'm in love. What great photos. Hard to pick one. Corgis are so so so so so cute.
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