Xavier the German Shepherd

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Xavier's mom says: My husband and I got Xavier from a breeder about five years ago. We both wanted a German shepherd to be our first dog since we loved the breed so much. It was a very difficult decision deciding which puppy to take home; they were all so cute and adorable. My husband was leaning toward the more active and rambunctious siblings that were playing. But I was more interested in the dog that was sitting by himself in a different part of the room. When I lifted him and cradled him in my arms, his expressive eyes immediately tugged at my heart strings. Over the years, Xavier has provided us with so much joy! He's such an obedient, well-behaved, lovable, and loyal dog, and even though he weighs 90 pounds, he's amazingly gentle. Xavier enjoys playing with his two brothers, Blizzard and Xanza. He's definitely been the alpha male compared to my other two dogs. Sometimes when the other two play too rough, he will get in the middle and break it up. Some of Xavier's likes include chasing balls (he's a bit obsessive), chewing on his toys, and training for Schutzhund with his dad. Some of his dislikes are taking baths and when other dogs take his toys.