Zim the Shiba Inu

Dog Breed: Shiba Inu

Zim is a one year old Shiba Inu. He's named after a little green alien that wants to take over the world and the name really suits him. Zim thinks it's all about him! Zim is about the friendliest Shiba Inu you will ever meet. He loves everyone, even his vet, despite the fact that vet visits scare him. He especially loves kids, because they're loud and they move fast and they love playing with little Zims (and little Zims love to play)! He's also a pretty affectionate little dude, although he's a typical Shiba and wants it all on his own terms. Still, there's nothing he loves more than to trap the hand of his favorite human under his paws and give it kisses for minutes at a time. He's especially devoted to his human mommy and loves to sleep draped over her legs at night. Zim thinks that the great enemy of all dogkind, and especially Zims, is the crate. He first encountered this foe when he was coming home with his human mom and dad and waged great battle with it for weeks until he was aloud to sleep on the human bed. He has since decided to battle the evil crate wherever he sees dogs tormented by it. Whenever he sees another dog in one, no matter how much they seem to like it, he immediately starts barking at what he sees as a great injustice.