Zoe the Italian Greyhound

Dog Breed: Italian Greyhound

We were blessed to have Zoe re-homed to us when she was eight months old. We've had her for seven months and can't imagine life without her. When she walks she prances; when she sits she crosses her front legs; and when she runs she barely touches the ground. She has two speeds, hyper and asleep. We love watching her streak across the dog park playfully teasing other dogs to chase her. But once we're at home she becomes a snuggle buddy who burrows under blankets seeking the warmest spot next to a willing body. After a good full body stretch she bounces like a pogo stick through our house and over furniture. And then almost as suddenly as the playing started, she is resting again but this time on a sunlit patch of carpet next to our living room window. Unlike most Italian Greyounds, Zoe is anything but shy. The entire back half of her body wags when a stranger looks in her direction. She especially loves children and will cover their faces with kisses before they know what hit them. We love our little bouncing Italian Greyhound!