Zoe the Maltese Mix

Dog Breed: Maltese / Poodle

Hi, my name is Zoe and I am a rescue puppy. My owners named me Zoe which is short for Zoetrope (my mom is an artist; a Zoetrope is a stop motion animation wheel). My middle name is Twinkie, since I have such a long body! I have a gingery complexion and a fun-loving personality. Houdini, Cutie-Poo and Goofball are a few of my nicknames! I am lightning fast and love to run figure eights around my owners furniture. I am looking forward to starting agility very soon! My favorite trick is "sit pretty," and I love squirrels! My heros are Dug and Bolt.

Comments (15)
iluvk9s Sep 14, 2013
Zoe is so sweet and fluffy! So glad she has a loving home!!!

Missmilamae Sep 14, 2013
Zoe, you are one gorgeous little fluffball!

cuddles Sep 14, 2013
What a sweet girl!

ckendall Sep 14, 2013
I see a touch of mischief in those beautiful eyes!

amyliz Sep 14, 2013
Adorable Zoe, what a joy you must be! Many happy and healthy years to...

buzzy Sep 14, 2013
I must agree, Zoey, you are the cutest. Your very lucky your story...

daphne's mom Sep 14, 2013
Oh Zoe you are ADORABLE! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

Vicki1008 Sep 14, 2013
Zoe! You are absolutely adorable! I have 2 Maltese and they are the...

bluegigi Sep 14, 2013
I could use babillion belly rubs please and thank you!

goldenlover Sep 14, 2013
Zoe is a beauty !! And your story is wonderful !!

schotime Sep 14, 2013
Zoe is so fluffy, it took me a minute to figure out that she was...

nancybatt1 Sep 14, 2013
I have to get myself one of these sweet adorable little cuties. I...

Abiglen Sep 15, 2013
Zoe, you're such a cutie pie. You sound like a peppy and fun...

elliel Sep 15, 2013
So cute!

drakes' granny Sep 16, 2013
Zoe looks bright eyed and ready for action. Pretty little girl...