Zoya the Boston Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Boston Terrier / French Bulldog

Hi, my name is Zoya and I am a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix breed! I love squirrel hunting, chasing after sticks and frolicking in the grass. My favorite foods are carrots and blueberries, but I also like to eat lettuce, tomatoes, apples, chicken, beef and generally anything that falls on the ground. When I'm not out hunting for squirrels I like to stay at home and snuggle with my mom and dad--or any friendly person that will let me. In general, I'm a lover not a fighter and I will take hugs and kisses from anyone who is willing to share!

Comments (26)
Jose Jan 1, 2012
Zoya you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you...

ECHOBLIZZ Jan 1, 2012
Perfect little face for a BIG HUGE 2012 SMOOCH! Hugs and smooches...

happypup Jan 1, 2012
Ohhhh I'm more than willing to share hugs and kisses with this...

princelover Jan 1, 2012
Zoya is just adorable and I love her winter jacket, so classy! I...

sowhatisnew Jan 1, 2012
Happy New year! These are wonderful pictures of Zoya. I...

GSDLVR Jan 1, 2012
What a great picture! Happy new year, Zoya!

Abiglen Jan 1, 2012
Zoya, you are so adorable - I just love the itty-bitty butt shot - so...

virgilsmama Jan 1, 2012
Probably had a big night last night! Nothing like sleeping all...

virgilsmama Jan 1, 2012
PS Congratulations on your special day!

drakes' granny Jan 1, 2012
Staying warm in your pretty jacket Zoya. Now you need boots to keep...

chelsearosebud Jan 1, 2012
Zoya, all of your photos are wonderful, but I have to comment on your...

doglovers1 Jan 1, 2012
Zoya, You are too cute! You remind me of our lovely Rosie...

amyliz Jan 1, 2012
Zoya, I'm getting in line to give you hugs and kisses! You are as...

love dogs too Jan 1, 2012
Aw come on, I'm ready. Let's play. Happy New Year sweetie.

cane corso Jan 1, 2012
A very handsome girl!

malawi Jan 1, 2012
Well aren't you something! Just adorable :)

lucybee Jan 1, 2012
My goodness,you are a stylish lady,aren't you? Your parents are...

ronandvicki123 Jan 1, 2012
Awww..So Sweet..Just Beautiful..!!

xabismom65 Jan 1, 2012
Im sorry but you must be the most stunning puppy ever! You truly got...

flutey48 Jan 1, 2012
Okay Zoya, I won't take your ball... you must really liven up...

pelligrino Jan 1, 2012
Zoya, I'm sure you are never at shortage of receiving, hugs,...

JCMontgomery Jan 3, 2012
Hello Zoya. Enjoy your life you precious thing. :)

veronica Jan 4, 2012
so cute. x

hailey905 Jan 5, 2012
so cut xoxoxoxo

guerrero's grandma Jan 6, 2012
Zoya you are so prescious! I had the hardest time choosing a...

Aluvspup Feb 24, 2012
Too cute!!!!!!!! Such a goofy smile!! She looks so happy!!!! Many...