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Profile: about me well Iam a tomboy and love being one I have ADHD and autisum and clube feet I thnaks god evevryday for making me who I am today. In school I had the hardest time learing with the ADHD and the Autisum so I got my paper that said I got done with school. Then after school I went and got me GED that tooka a very long time but with the grace of god my family my 2 teaches Mr. Hershey, Mr. Farve and my best friend Blake I did and and walked across the stage in 2007 my whole family my teachers and Blake all cmae and all cryed becasue they where so proud of me I cried ta becasue I never ever imagend tha i could do it but with thoes people having faith and belive in me i got it. I love football my fave team are the LSU tigers they are a collage team and are my fave college tema in the world for my pro teams that I love are the New Orleans Saints, the New York Gaints the New York Jets, the Denver Broncos, and New England Patriots. I also love basketball my fave pro teams are the New Orleans Hornets and the Boston Celtics and my fave collage teasm is the LSU TIGERS. I love the turtles more then life it's self they rock and I think of them as my fathers, Brothers and friends since beause I was made fun of alot in school and had little friedn I would always think that the turteslwoulkd come and beta up the bullies and make sure that they never made fun of me. They are all my fave I can not pick just one beacuse they are so cool. I love Leo because he is a awesome leader ta his family he is very caring and is always wondering where his bros are. I am like Leo because I am aleader for the kids wher I live, I am very caring for peopl in my fmaioyl and for the peoplr wher I live and I always worry and wonder how my family is doing and also how my friends wjer i live are doin. I love Raph becasue he is a hothead alot of the time but if one of hsi bors is herat he is very careing and loving ta them. I am just like Raph beauce Iam a hothead alot of tha time. If some one i cater and love is hurt IU care for them and help[ them all the time. I love Donny because he is a super smart guy and love ta tinker with stuff and make thing and love and take careof his family. I am just like Donny becasue I am smart on some stuff I love ta tincker with stuff two I love ta make things and I love caring for the people in my family and my friends that i have. I love Mikey becasue he is a goofball when he plays pranks on his bros and makes them lol with jokes. He loves cooking and make food for his family and he is the fun loving turtle. I am like Mikey becasue I love being a goofball and play pranks on people and make people lol with my jokes. I love cooking two. I am a funloving tomboy it rock at be a tomboy. I love cars that one of the movies that I go nuts for I have anything and everthing cars. Lighting and mater are the bets cars out there I wnat ta go ta Disney world and meet Lightning and Mater. When cars two came out I was 1st in line and saw it like 6 times. I love the Lion King it is one of my fave movies ta I love it it has the best songs and I knew every word ta every song. My fave animals on Lion king are Simba Nala Mofasa and simbas mom all thoes lions rock. I love the meire cat and the wort hog sorry I can not pellk there names. I love all lol hyinas they are so funny hwo they lol all the time and how they do what ever scars says then I love how they turn on scars at the very end of the movie. I love the show Dukes of Hazzard. I love Bo and Luke they are both very hot. I love Dukes becasue it good clean family show that everyone can wathc still on dvd sometimes it comes on the CMT channle. I love cars my fave are the turtle van the dattle shell Raph's shellcycle, the General Lee form Dukes of Hazzard, I love(car&cars2) Lighting Mqueeen, Mater, Mack, Fillmore, Sally, Doc, Lizzie, Flo,Holley,Francesco,Doc,Red,Sheriff,Sarge,Guido,Luigi,Ramone, Finn McMissile,Francesco,Darrell Cartrip,and Jeff Gorvette I love Tigers they are so awesome and pretty and cool they huge masive and cool. I love the color Red well for 3 reasons it is Raph fave color and the other it is the color of my highschool and it is one of the colors of my New York Gaints. I love the color Purple becasue of two reasons one is its Donny fave color and it is also the color of the LSU Tigers my fave college team in the world. I love the color Orange becasue of three reasone 1st is becasue it is Mikey fave color and it is the one of the color of tigers the 3rd reason is becasue it the the base color of the General Lee the car on the Dukes of Hazzard. I love the color blue beacsue of 3 reasons it Leo's fave color,it is one of the colors on the General Lee and it the 2nd colro of my New York Gaints. I love the color gold becaue of 2 reason. One is that it is the 2nd colr of the LSU tigers and it is one of the colr for the New Orleans Saints. I love the color black because of 3 reasons 1st it is the 2nd color of My New Orleans Saint,it the 2nd color of my hight school the last reaosn is it is thew 2nd color of tigers. I love these music groups the tso band. thirdday, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Michale W Smith, Backstreet Boys, NYSNC, Beach boys, beatles, Hannah Montanna, The Golden Bnad for tigers land, Manhime stemarollers any countyre singer, any song about the USA I love alot of movies but I hate horro movie. I love jaws Pearl Harbor, Titnaic, Top gun, all the tmnt movies, football movies, Disney moveis antyhign with doggs and cats but no movies wher cats and dogs die in it, any thig about mother nature or storms, World Trade Center, flight 93 and united 93. When I was in high school for 2000 ta 2004. I was tha mascot of my shcool we where the bulldogs there where 2 there was a big Spike and then there was me little spike or little bite. It was so much fun that was the bste part about my highschool day. I only had one true friend in my yeas in school and that was my best friend Blake who I meet in pre school and we have been and still are best buddies for life he not like some people who where just my friends ta be nice he was my friends casue he wanted ta be not becasue it was nice ta do. He was like my big bro in school he would watch out for me and let me sit by him at lunch and he would even help me withmy homework he is and will my true Friend in my life casue he carse that much about me.

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