Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Nov 17, 2010 paulinespuppy
Aww ur just like a little teddy bear.. lots of luvs and cuddles for u Ajax..xxxxx
Nov 17, 2010 Kauluwai
The cutest Labradoodle I've seen to date!
Nov 17, 2010 teeru
cute. Very cute, Too cute, kisskiss
Nov 17, 2010 princelover
Ajax is an adorable puppy. All of his pictures are so good but I chose this one because I just love puppy shadows. My boys are fascinated by their shadows. I love his beautiful curly coat and sweet face and look forward to seeing his grown up pictures. Hugs.
Nov 17, 2010 ebead
Are you sure he's a real dog?? He looks like a perfect little toy!! What a sweetheart... enjoy!
Nov 17, 2010 veronica
You are such a sweetie. xx
Nov 17, 2010 jeanirodgers
what a perfect little nugget Ajax is.
Nov 17, 2010 Crisalita
So adorable!!!!!!
Nov 17, 2010 coonhoundmama
Ajax, what a handsome boy you are. So lovable and smart I think. 50 pounds is a nice weight...more to pet and love. I love your color and sweet face. Thanks to your family for taking you into their hearts and home. Many years of adventures, tummy rubs and treats for Ajax.
Nov 17, 2010 shortyww22
Ajax is such a cutie.he looks like a cuddly teddy bear.I wish you many happy years together.kisses n hugs cutie that name too.
Nov 17, 2010 daphne's mom
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Ajax!
Nov 17, 2010 mattysmom
What a cute little fluffball of love. Ajax I hope you enjoy your special day and have a long happy life!
Nov 17, 2010 longislander
Aja is a cutie pie. Makes you feel happy just looking at him. I hope he got a good scratch right after this pic :)
Nov 17, 2010 PWD Breeder
Yay! You see, Ajax? I TOLD you you could make the front page! You are such a sweet boy, and you deserve to be up there as much as McKinley had! We are both very proud of you, and hope to see you on the grown up puppy in a few years. Enjoy your day of fame! Love McKinley and Alexis :)
Nov 17, 2010 jasper1
Just precious! Who wouldn't be willing to pet this little angel?!!! Long and Happy life to you to you sweet Ajax!
Nov 17, 2010 Babsintoyland
Such a cutie pie! You deserve lots of biscuits and belly rubs Ajax.
Nov 17, 2010 guerrero's grandma
busy doing what puppies do best I see... chewing the cover off your tennis ball ... LOL ;-P Ajax, (love your name) you are a super cute pup! I love everything about you! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you big boy
Nov 17, 2010 janet weir
He is so cute, he looks like a stuffed toy!!!
Nov 17, 2010 goldenlover
Great pup !! And appears happy and well cared.
Nov 17, 2010 duettists
Ajax is a real sweetie. I wish him a long and happy life.
Nov 17, 2010 amyliz
Ajax, you are impossibly CUTE! Long, happy, and healthy life to you , little one!
Nov 17, 2010 DebforNow
OMG - how cute are you? Ajax looks just like a stuffed animal!
Nov 17, 2010 meganbooth
100% adorable! Also I love that name! Wasn't the original Ajax a Greek god or something?
Nov 17, 2010 NellyWelly
SWEET !! xxxxxx
Nov 17, 2010 imissjess
You talking to me? What a cute fuzz ball!
Nov 17, 2010 Shreya
It's a doll! It's a toy! No! It's a puppeee! :)
Nov 17, 2010 Madi P
congratulations baby Ajax! you couldnt be cuter ~ how I would love to cuddle with you :) lots of puppy love to you little boy!
Nov 17, 2010 Ilovebordercollies
aww! that is the most ADORABLE puppy EVER!! YOU R SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! xoxoxoxoxo and PLENTY more!!!!
Nov 17, 2010 dhb200u
U r soooo very very cute!! Loads and loads of hugs & kisses...
Nov 17, 2010 w102663
Ajax, you are simply gorgeous. Have a happy day with extra kisses and belly rubs:) ox ox ox
Nov 17, 2010 clemency
So sweet and adorable! Who *wouldn't* be willing to pet him?!
Nov 17, 2010 Goldenmom58
With a face like yours, who wouldn't want to pet you. OMG, you are one handsome lad. You look like a little stuffed toy!!!!! Ajax, may you have the very best life.
Nov 17, 2010 gem1945
Ajax, you are so adorable. Very handsome fellow!!! Wish I could share you on facebook, but can't connect on yahoo or facebook. Glad I had the Daily Puppy in my history!!!!! I would love to share your photo :-( !! We wish you a long, healthy, and happy life. xxxxoooo from our critter gang!!
Nov 17, 2010 WATERDOG
I just chewed the little end. You wanted that? Grow big and healthy Ajax, Have a wonderful life!
Nov 17, 2010 molly's mom
Ajax is a cutie, that's for sure.....have fun.........
Nov 17, 2010 Ferlin'smom
Stuffed animal come to life! Ajax is a doll!!!
Nov 17, 2010 pelligrino
Ajax is a sweet, cuddley, cute puppy. he looks very friendly and I love that curly coat. have a long, happy healthy life sweetheart!
Nov 17, 2010 oopsidaisy
Nov 17, 2010 MsJaxFla
OMGosh, what a adorable, cute puppy. And it is hard to think you will actually get to 50 lbs? Wow, you will still be just the most beautiful baby I think, just more to bathe. I can see you getting your bath right now, bet it is the best time for your family and you too.
Nov 17, 2010 poochies=love
What a perfect picture!!Ajax is a calendar puppy! He is a beauty!!
Nov 17, 2010 MsJaxFla
I was having so much trouble deciding which photo, that I forgot to set one...... so I could say how adorable little Ajax is at least 8 times just on this DP page..... you little doll baby, cutie pie!
Nov 17, 2010 g1nab1na
Ajax, you are so adorable I just want to snatch you up!
Nov 17, 2010 mkesj
What a seriously cute puppy you are. Good photos.
Nov 17, 2010 Teddy Dog
this is sssooo cute!!!...what a comical little character...i was looking for a goldendoodle when i got my old english sheepdog but couldn't find any in my schnoodle was mourning the loss of our teddy...he wasn't eating & was sick so i had to act VERY happy with my OES...but goldendoodles are great dogs....may u have many, many happy years together...sending lots of love & belly rubs....
Nov 17, 2010 harley1001
Ajax is adorable, and Labradoodles are incredible! Such great personalities! Our Harley is three now and is a therapy dog. He is delightful and brings so much joy to us and to many! You will have so much fun with Ajax!
Nov 17, 2010 Ngolds
Ajax are you real? You are too cute to be true!!
Nov 17, 2010 digitalbon
OMG! He is the cutest labradoodle I have ever seen. Hope you have tons of fun with him.
Nov 17, 2010 The Raven
Ajax, you look like you are winking in this photo. Are you a real dog or a stuffed puppy? You are a darling, either way.
Nov 17, 2010 gouldkb
One word - CUTIE. Oh my gosh. I love poodle mixed pups
Nov 17, 2010 ZoeyP
Hey AJAX You are cute! Can we play over thanksgiving? Can't wait to meet you ;) ;)
Nov 17, 2010 Rio
Ajax are you for real? You look like an adorable little stuffed toy. Have a great life little one.
Nov 17, 2010 drakes' granny
Ajax is adorable. What a little fluffy boy. The Lab in him will make him a very loving and faithful friend always willing to play. Keep him safe and have fun.
Nov 17, 2010 Frankt
I just looked up the word "innocent"....and there was Ajax!!! What a sweet puppy. Lots of Love and biscuits from Vermont.
Nov 17, 2010 jesse&koda
What a cutie!!
Nov 17, 2010 furriesrfantastic
"This is a new dance I call the puppy mumba!" If you're willing to pet him? Are you kidding me? I'd PAY to pet that gorgeous lil' fluff ball - he looks like a real live teddy bear only cuter!! Wishing you a long life lil' one and hope you get LOTS of love and cuddles from your lucky family!
Nov 17, 2010 danacakes
"Yeah, that's right I know I'm adorable...wink wink"
Nov 17, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
You are as cute as a button!!!
Nov 17, 2010 schnauzerpuppylover
Awwwww to cute!
Nov 17, 2010 dominosmom
You're the cutest I have seen in a long time.
Nov 17, 2010 taydorparsons
Awe so cute nice pics!
Nov 17, 2010 gryt
You sure he's not a stuffed animal? :) Sooo cute.
Nov 17, 2010 caroleanne
You look like a little lamb, Alex
Nov 17, 2010 gill
Ajax is so sweet. He looks very sure of himself in this photo. Full of self belief. Know you will have a wonderful life with your fluff ball.
Nov 17, 2010 lalamcgoo
Cutie Cute-Cute!!!
Nov 17, 2010 ruthie
Ajax is absolutely adorable! Have a long, happy, healthy life together.
Nov 17, 2010 angelsmommie
Absolutely love Ajax
Nov 17, 2010 Barbywhodares
Ajax you are cuteness overload. What a lovely little boy. Big Hugs. xxx
Nov 17, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Ajax, this is an adorable picture of you playing with your brightly colored ball. Wishes for lots of cuddles and biscuits from Scamp's Grammy.
Nov 17, 2010 3saavik
One of my dog's puppies (well,actually he's 4 years old now)is named Ajax too, but he's a Border Collie. He belongs to a priest friend's son. This is a sweet Ajax too. So fuzzy and soft!
Nov 17, 2010 puppydreamer
Super cute Ajax!!!Lots of hugs,kisses,biscuits,bones,and belly rubs! xoxo :)
Nov 17, 2010 pupfanatic
Gee, I don't know if I'd be willing to pet him? Are you kidding me!!!????? I wouldn't be able to take my hands off this little furry imp; what a total cuteness!!!
Nov 17, 2010 Jakes mommy
Long happy life Ajax!!!!
Nov 17, 2010 Hrist
Nov 17, 2010 Samba1260
Absolutely a precious doll baby. Lots of tummy rubs and treats to you little darlin'.
Nov 17, 2010 tiffy.faith145
soooo cute i wish i had a dog as cute as him!!!!!!!!
Nov 17, 2010 harlequinguy
This furry little bundle will brighten your lives like a super-nova. Enjoy! And pet him from all of us at DP.
Nov 17, 2010 bluegigi
Ajax - BEYOND CUTENESS! Happy long life to you sweetness, you look like a puff bear.
Nov 17, 2010 tzumom
What a darling bundle of fluff you are. Such a cute little one. Lots of hugs and goodies to you Ajax.
Nov 17, 2010 Candy&Chloe's mom
Ajax, you are a cutie!! I know "cutie" isn't going to be appropriate for a 50 lb. youngster but is sure fits you now!! As for the smaller start, "don't despise the small beginings", out of those small packages come the best prizes!
Nov 17, 2010 leia kelly
Ajax is so cute, he doesn't look real! So precious!
Nov 17, 2010 wolfgirl66
All of sweet Ajax's pictures are very cute! He's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that he enjoys a long life full of good health, love & lots of fun!!!!!!!
Nov 17, 2010 Corky'smum
You're a little darling. I have a poodle cross too. Absolutely the best dogs! Active when you're active, cuddly when you're cuddly. Have a wonderful time with him xxx
Nov 17, 2010 Chow Parents
How cute can you be? I certainly would not be able to stop petting you, you little love. Hugs and kisses. I know how much joy you bring. Chow Mom
Nov 17, 2010 lotsapets
Ajax !! *_* A beautiful dog you look like a little lamb in this picture !! *_* Have a good, happy life with your family !!
Nov 17, 2010 Millertime10
Love it. I have a cockapoo and see some resemblence. Of course he won't weigh 50 lbs when grown. May consider this one next time I'm looking for a pup
Nov 17, 2010 lizanne
Ajax, You are just so beautiful I just want to reach right in the computer and feel that lovely, soft fur. You are super cute and just the greatest. I love you and I love how your breed has helped those who need sight help. Thanks Buddy. Big Hugs and kisses from Mini Cooper (Pug) and Mom Elizabeth in NY~
Nov 17, 2010 lizanne
I love this one also. I love those Puppy Toes. So Sweet. Hugs, Elizabeth and Mini Cooper in NY~
Nov 17, 2010 mboyle4
seriously the cutest puppy I have ever seen
Nov 17, 2010 mboyle4
puppy feet! too cute
Nov 17, 2010 Jose
Your sooooooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses! You look like your enjoying you ball.
Nov 17, 2010 coriebe
Ajax you are an Absolute sweetheart!!
Nov 18, 2010 patrick58
You are so beyond precious, Ajax! You happen to be my most coveted pup.
Nov 18, 2010 doggylover_19
Aww!I'm sure your proud to have a cute pup!
Nov 18, 2010 petophile
I want to kidnap this dog and bring it home!!!
Nov 18, 2010 honeypie
Ajax, what a handsome guy you are!! With a mix like that, you know it's gonna be a wonderful pet! Best wishes!!!
Nov 18, 2010 butterfinger101
so cute !!!!!!
Nov 18, 2010 piobaire
Ajax looks like a little stuffed toy. How darling.
Nov 18, 2010 lynetz2
ajax: this is a poster for a labradoodle! you are adorable and sound like a ton of fun! lots of happiness in your growing up and learning! hugs and belly rubs for you! :)
Nov 18, 2010 lucybee
You do look just like a toy dog!
Nov 18, 2010 mgo845
So cute! His coat looks so fluffy!
Nov 19, 2010 veronica
You are so cute. xx
Nov 19, 2010 siun
Aww, he has such an adorable face!!! I love the little eyes!
Nov 19, 2010 monkeynbubba
Cute! He is a ciddle!
Nov 20, 2010 bullamastifflover
this pic he looks like abig stuffed dog toy.he is so cute
Nov 21, 2010 dogobsesser
ajax is a smart name!
Nov 22, 2010 Ezio
I'm speechless!
Nov 22, 2010 Kam&Wes
How old is he?
Nov 23, 2010 nancy24tarn
Ajax is a beautiful pup.. I love labradoodles!!!He will surely love going on skiing trips with your family.. Tons of belly rubs to Ajax...I just love his curls.:):) Much happiness to you and Ajax from New Jersey...
Nov 25, 2010 twinkie
hey you are so cute
Nov 28, 2010 spaceylover9
i just wanna cuddle and play w/ u. u r soooo cute.
Nov 30, 2010 gracie.d
Dec 29, 2010 CoopersAunt
Such a cutie *-*
Jan 21, 2011 harphe
EPIC!!!!!!! I've told everyone I know about this ADORABLE lil pup! This action shot is AWESOME! Mika is so adorable! Live long and prosper, young one
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