Sunday, July 27, 2014
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Feb 28, 2006 aimeesanimals
what an adorable mix! :)
Feb 28, 2006 jessica
awww fluff of love!!
Feb 28, 2006 cutesy
cute, cute, cute
Feb 28, 2006 puppyluver
oh she is just absolutely adorable! such a cutie!
Feb 28, 2006 Abby
awwwww ! she is soooo adorable!!!! I love the way her fur looks so soft .
Feb 28, 2006 Angela
She looks like a teddy bear! So cute :)
Feb 28, 2006 puppyluver
i want that doggy
Feb 28, 2006 Christin
i love her she is so ute i want her!
Feb 28, 2006 Punky
She i adorible i wish i had her!
Feb 28, 2006 anonymous
That sweet face is worth 11 biscuits! Allie Bear is an absolute sweetheart!
Mar 2, 2006 anymous
she is so cute! where did u get her? i love her!!!!
Mar 3, 2006 Tim-Tim
She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooo CUTE!
Mar 3, 2006 Madelyn
oooooooooooo! SO! CUTE!
Mar 3, 2006 Madelyn
oooooooooooo! SO! CUTE!
Mar 3, 2006 Aunty Loni - California
She's so adorable... Do you think I might have her, "paw-tograph?"
Mar 3, 2006 Peekers Stone
She got 11 biscuits from me..she's too cute!
Mar 3, 2006 ali-s fan (tastic) Moco-s Mom
Ali is so cute, what a little scooty tooty, little booboo babe' I love the pics around town. I think you should create a web site for Ali.
Mar 3, 2006 Butchie Dog
She looks so much like her cousin Carla!! It's uncanny...
Mar 3, 2006 BettyVargas
The adorable Miss Allie gets 11 biscuits.... minus 1....
In Memory of Tweedy
by Great Aunt B
Mar 4, 2006 Lee
She is soo Cute!!! I'm just wondering if you know a good place to find Yorkie/Maltese Mix??
Mar 11, 2006 Ashley Barnes
I love my little Auntie Allie Bear!! She is the most adorable little thing I love her so much.

Her niece,
Ashley Barnes
Mar 11, 2006 Ashley Barnes
Talk about CUTE!!
Dont u think so I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 11, 2006 Ashley Barnes
She is so lovable, huggable, and kissable!! ALSO CUTER IN PERSON!!
Love your niece,
Ashley Barnes
Mar 12, 2006 billie joe
so cute
Mar 15, 2006 Sarah
She looks like Benji, very cute by the way
May 1, 2006 jenny
she is sooo adorable!!!!!
May 9, 2006 Jill
I want a puppy that looks just like this!!!!!
May 10, 2006 I_love_dogs
I have a dog that looks just alike same color and size so....... I will rate this dog 10,000,000 its jus that cute
May 10, 2006 I_Love_dogs
i have three words for u CUTE CUTE CUTE
May 16, 2006 Kathleen
Your vet is right--Allie looks like she was put together for perfection in "dogginess!" I am partial to little dogs, so she gets an 11 from me.
May 17, 2006 DogsRock
What a cute little dog! I'd love her!
Jun 28, 2006 Shorty
cutest dog! i have 2 but this one's cuter
Jul 6, 2006 mep
shes as cute as a button!
Jul 14, 2006 Courtney
She looks just like my pup, Roxy...a maltese-chinese crested mix. What a cutie! Roxy's maltese is taking over in her older years too!
Jul 14, 2006 hello
OMG!!! i want that dog it soooooooo CUTE!!!!!!
Jul 14, 2006 Mandy
I also have a yorrkie/maltese mix (Morkie). Yours is alot lighter color than mine. Mine is 2 yrs old and looks like a yorkie. Yours is so cute!
Aug 7, 2006 kd
she really does have yorkie in her!!!! it looks like it too!!!!what cutie pie!!!!!1
Aug 13, 2006 Unicrnravemonsta
hey does this yorkie maltese mixed puppy whats her fur coat like does this dogs hair grow to the floor just like the others??? let me know at! i have a male yorkie thinking about getting a female maltese to get together and have puppies : * )
Aug 20, 2006 S. Hill Southern Maryland
She's really neighbor has a Yorkie puppy and I have a Maltese puupy. We want to breed them, now I know what the puppies would look like........Cute as Cute can be!!!!
Aug 21, 2006 manda
Awh what a cute face! Love the First pic. What a cheeky looking girl.
Aug 28, 2006 jessie
These dogs r sooooooooooooooooooo cute i dont know how u couldnt just want to bight their little faces off !! i love them -_-
Aug 31, 2006 jamie
I have a yorkie/maltese mix. It is a boy. he's one year old. his name is bandit
Oct 8, 2006 wowow
i have a really cute dog named gracie and shes a shih-tzu maltese mix!
Oct 8, 2006 wowow
i have a really cute dog named gracie and shes a shih-tzu maltese mix!
Oct 11, 2006 Hi
Oct 12, 2006 Melissa Kay Rose
I LOVE HER FACE!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 18, 2006 beth
...i just love her beach photo with the wind-blown look we all get at the beach...i'll bet she did have a great time!!
Oct 19, 2006 Linda
We have a Yorkie/Maltese mix and hes 8 weeks old hes very smart for as young as he is and me and his dad are very happy we have him, Yourwe named him Biscuit. Your little dog is adorable as can be :)
Nov 1, 2006 Mutt
You have a beautiful doggie!!!
Nov 26, 2006 dogLOVER
WOW! She is sooo cute!!! I have a Maltese at home and they are sooooo sweet!
Feb 28, 2007 duckieflower
I also live in WI and am looking for a breeder, can you please email me the breeders name. Thanks!
May 25, 2007 Michael
Jul 29, 2007 JayNizzy
Looks like a fluffy ball of happiness. :-)
Sep 4, 2007 txmadre
Unbelievably cute!!
Sep 4, 2007 txmadre
Unbelievably cute!!
Oct 14, 2007 db
Truly, Allie is gorgeous! You just want to hug her.

The maltese yorkie mix is my favorite. I have one too - she's on this site. You can see her pictures if you search for "Poppy" and scroll down to the second entry.

There's just something about that bit of terrier in the maltese that makes them have really wonderful personalities and spirits. My little one has made me a better person.

If someone had told me 5 years ago that a dog would change my life, I never would have guessed. But they do!

Congrats! And enjoy Ms. Allie!
Dec 22, 2007 crystalbluetopaz3
Oh your puppy is so adorable! I too have a yorkie/maltese mix, Rosi, although she is mostly maltese, the ear set, tail, and her coloring is a gorgeous silver/white, long and silky like a yorkie and she has the yorkie cute nose shape. My little guy Dante is a purebred maltese. Rosi only weighs 4 lbs and Dante is 9 lbs. Rosi is pregnant right now, she's due the end of the first week of january. vet says her pups (he thinks there are three) are on the small side, taking after her size, he beleives as her ultrasound shows them to be in good health. He THNKS, but can't guarantee that they wont get over 6 lbs when full grown due to parents size. I am so excited to see how they come out looking! with Rosi having so much white in her and the long gorgeous coat, and how gorgeous my Dante is (my purebred male) I bet they are going to soooo amazingly cute! they will be for sale, but I wont ship out on airplanes, I dont like that idea and am too protective of thier care. they would have to be picked up. they will be 800.00 for males and 850.00 for females with all first shots and wormings. the price is based upon quality of pup, rarity of small litter and the fact that Rosi is set for a C-section birth. any inquiries welcome. crystalbluetopaz3 ***pictures will be available by e-mail request
Aug 27, 2008 lexi89
she is so cute i just want to keep her but i can't she looks like she's having fun at the beach
Sep 29, 2009 Applegirl
what a fluffy little lovebug!!!1
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