Allie Bear the Yorkie/Maltese Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Allie Bear's mom says: Allie Bear is a ray of sunshine in our lives every single day. She's so playful and loving. Her face is the cutest ever!! The first two photos were taken on July 19, 2005, the day we brought her home. We picked her up at the SFO Airport. She came from a breeder in Wisconsin! I have no idea how I found her. Serendipity I suppose. I was just searching around on the Internet and found an ad listing her for sale. I had the opportunity to have my "pick of the litter." It was her eyes that engaged me from the very beginning! She has the sweetest little face. Everywhere we go, people stop us and tell us they want a dog just like her. My vet said she looks like the kind of dog you would put together if they had a store where you could choose all the parts of your animal and make it yourself. *lol* Taken when Allie was nearing three months old. Her coloring was so much darker then than now. The Maltese has taken over and she's more blondish now. Taken on January 6, 2006. We took Allie to the dog beach in San Francisco. She loved it!!!