Andy the Adoptable Puppy

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Andy is a handsome 14-week-old German Shepherd puppy. Andy has what we think is a birth defect and has one functioning eye. It certainly isn't bothering him and he's a wonderful puppy. His ears are working their way up and will stand soon. Although he's currently 100% puppy, it's obvious to all that meet him that someday Andy is going to grow into an amazing big, beautiful shepherd boy. Andy loves to play, cuddle and play some more (and is absolutely adorable no matter which he's doing at the time). He'll happily play with you, with other dogs, or even by himself. He'll spend ages by himself running with a ball in his mouth, dropping it, chasing it and kicking it around, but he's even happier when you or another dog joins in his game. He's a natural athlete (although not always the most graceful). Despite his playfulness, he snuggles with you as long as you're willing. He's also amazingly well behaved through the night. We have no doubt that Andy is a very smart and trainable guy. He's already house trained, is doing well on a leash, responds to very basic commands and is very alert. Although Andy does well with other dogs, he has a more dominant personality and will need to be with someone who can give both unconditional love and some very important discipline. If you are interested in adopting Andy please visit: and fill out an adoption application!