Atlas the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Atlas's mom says: Atlas and I first met on a spring day in Pennsylvania. I wasn't sure I was ready to get a dog and thought I should meet a few first before I made a decision. I visited a litter of miniature goldendoodles -- the breed I was most considering -- and fell in love with Atlas. I had been waiting for over five years, hoping and dreaming and waiting to get a puppy. I even came up with his name years ago; in lieu of being ready to get a puppy, I named my computer hard drive Atlas instead. My life has been all over several continents the past several years, but it finally appeared as though my life was calming down a bit. When I met Atlas that afternoon in Pennsylvania, my heart melted. I knew there was no way that I couldn't make this puppy part of my life and that I was definitely ready. His little pink tongue sealed the deal. Atlas has brought his puppy energy into my life and made each day a new adventure, even if sometimes it's just a bath in the kitchen sink. We romp during the day and snuggle at night. I continue to be amazed by how fast he is growing, though I'm enjoying every moment of every day, looking forward to what else is in store for us.