Bailey the Cairn Terrier

Puppy Breed: Cairn Terrier

Bailey's dad says: Bailey is a wheaten-coated cairn terrier who was born in October 2003. He was four months old when I took these photos. Bailey is a loving, loyal terror(ier) who loves his family very much. His entire day consists of playing with what we call “Chicky-boom” -- for short, “Chicky” -- his favorite rubber squeaky chicken toy. Chicky toys have been replaced many, many times since Bailey enjoys ripping up Chicky into many mini bits of chopped chicken rubber. Other than the random ripping up and attacking of my mail coming through my front-door mail slot, and pureeing Chicky-boom, he is a very good, non-destructful pup! Bailey completes my family and I love every moment spent with him.