Bailey the Cocker Spaniel

Puppy Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Bailey's mom says: Bailey is our angel. He is sweet, playful, and smart. He loves to go running with his mommy and he is spoiled to death with toys. Bailey is an adventurous puppy who likes to treat the living room furniture like a mountain range as he climbs and jumps around, chasing after our five-year-old cat, Zoe. Bailey was in awe over his first snowfall just before Christmas, and his most recent discovery was fireworks during a New Year's Eve display. He immediately began barking and growling playfully and then stood in awe out the window watching silently and intently through to the finale. Bailey adores having his belly rubbed and is a perfect example of the loyal dog, jumping up at us when we arrive home from work, sleeping on our laps in the evenings, and bringing his favorite squeaky ball to us every five minutes for another round of fetch.