Bali (Ballestra) the Weimaraner

Puppy Breed: Weimaraner

Bali's mom says: Bali is the prettiest little girl in the least that's what her mommy and daddy think. She is always running, playing, cuddling, and giving kisses. Bali loves to be the center of attention. She enjoys playing with her toys and SPRINTING everywhere, but her brakes still need some work. Her mommy and daddy take her to the dog park as much as possible and she can't wait to get in that gate and run up to every dog and person she sees. She is VERY submissive and crouches down when approaching a dog and usually roles over on her back. She is very curious and has to be in the middle of everything and follows her mommy and daddy all over the house when they are working on something. Even though she snores sometimes and kicks her feet all over the place in bed, her mommy and daddy love her very much and are so happy she is part of their lives.