Baltar the Poodle Mix

Puppy Breed: Miniature Schnauzer / Poodle

Baltar is a schnoodle, a mini-schnauzer / mini-poodle mix. He'll be around 10 - 15 pounds when he's full grown. His full name is Gaius Baltar (named after a tricky character from a favorite show), and he's certainly living up to his namesake! His deep black coloring is a telling sign of his personality: he's a little shadow that is constantly following his two owners in every step they take throughout their apartment. He loves going on walks around his Brooklyn neighborhood, though he is one of the lucky few New Yorkers that also has his own yard to play in regularly. He's very loving and affectionate, and has that boundless puppy energy--already he's mastered the infamous "schnoodle zoom," running around a small space in tight circles at top speeds. When he gets extra hyped up, the easiest way to calm him down is sit down and offer him a baby carrot. He'll instantly crawl into your lap and start happily munching away on his favorite treat.