Baxter the Beagle Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Baxter's mom says: We adopted Baxter from an amazing rescue organization in New Jersey. They had rescued his mom, a tiny little beagle, from a puppy mill and she was pregnant at the time. He and his litter mates were born in a foster home and we found him on Petfinder. We were convinced just seeing his picture, but after going to meet him it was love at first sight. His mix is called a "doxle" and was bred at the puppy mill as part of the designer dog fad. We love his wirey hair, large ears and short little legs...the combination is just unique and adorable. He is such a well-behaved puppy, and learned where to go to the bathroom in only 1 week! He likes taking naps on a warm lap, chasing our orange tabby Butters and getting attention from each and every person that crosses his path. He plays hard and likes to run around and fetch his toys but he crashes hard and will nap for hours just about anywhere. Ice cubes are his favorite treat and he gets the puppy runs and dashes around the house like a mad man each time we give him one.