Puppy Breed: Unknown

Jim says: I take dog photos every chance I get... I met Beethoven at a Starbucks near uptown Phoenix. He was so small I could nearly hold him in the palm of a hand.

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Madddie Oct 24, 2006
He is too cute!!!!!!

Samantha Gee I-m a puppy Lova! Oct 24, 2006
AAAAAAWWWW!!!!!!! Hes adorable! u lucky

Oaktown Girl Oct 24, 2006
Love those last two photos especially!

robio Oct 24, 2006
he's a cutie!

yujismom Oct 24, 2006
excellent photos-good model!

DogMom Oct 24, 2006
oh my goodness he is cuteness defined......

Molly Oct 24, 2006
Awh I just want to hug him! Who ever took those photos has a real...

Always 11 Biscuits! Oct 24, 2006
Beethoven deserves 11 biscuits!

mamapiper Oct 24, 2006
What kind of dog is Beethoven? I take it he is not your dog? I always...

txmadre Oct 24, 2006
How cute can you get? He's certainly not camera shy and poses very...

Julia Oct 24, 2006
Okay, those feet are scrumptious. They are tweeny! I adore them! ...

Sue Oct 24, 2006
Let's here it for Mutts and their rescuer's! We say we rescue them...

twinkelbelpeach Oct 24, 2006
Ah, who's a precious pup. That sleeping picture is just too cute.

Jackie I Oct 24, 2006
He has a happy face

dyan Emery Oct 24, 2006
Mary Tyler Moore was asked if she was a religious person and to...

Leanne Oct 24, 2006
he's adorable - any idea what he may be??

granniejanie Oct 24, 2006
Absolutely Adorable....

The Terrior Terrors Oct 24, 2006
What an adorable little puppy! And the sleeping with his head up...

he is a total 20 biscuits !

i LOVE mutts they are so...

puppiesrule Oct 24, 2006
Totally cute! He seems happy! What kind of dog is he?

ilovedogs Oct 24, 2006
He is super cute!!!!!!! I love the first and the last pictures of him...

TAFFY-S MOMMY Oct 24, 2006
What kind of doggie is he? I love him!

PINKPOLO531 PUP LOVER!!! : ) Oct 24, 2006

Charlie Oct 24, 2006
What a great composer and a sweet dog.

Lisa Oct 24, 2006
What a cute dog, I love this dog so much, I wish he was my pet.

Bonnie Oct 24, 2006
He is sooooo cute, I just want to take him and hugg him all day and...

samir Oct 24, 2006

okc lab mom Oct 25, 2006
His face expresses such personality!! He is adorable; bless you for...

someone Oct 25, 2006
He looks like a very happy puppy!! What a cute, adorable face!

Marie Oct 25, 2006
First and last pic looks like he is smiling for the camera. A real...

ILoveDogs Oct 25, 2006
hes sooo cute

Diana and Nico : ) Oct 26, 2006
He is a cutie! I can see in his eyes that he LOVES running and playing!

sarah Oct 26, 2006
how small is he?

by lala and panesita Oct 26, 2006
Adorable puppy I love the pictures he is to cut

chris frost Oct 28, 2006
what a cutie!

Deanna Starnes Oct 28, 2006
I love him!!! He is so cute!!!

Emily Oct 30, 2006
Can I have him?

Emily Nov 1, 2006
What kind of puppy is he?

Erica Nov 5, 2006

Jessica Nov 6, 2006
Omg beethovens eyes are so beautiful

the person who took this picture Nov 8, 2006
Beethoven is a dalmation/greyhound mix for all you awesome people who...

Emily Nov 8, 2006

Ilovedogstoomuch Nov 18, 2006
Omg he is just too cute to look at
you are so lucky to have a...

ilovedogs Dec 4, 2006
What a cute little guy!

renee Dec 12, 2006
Well look at you!!! You are such a charming little man. All of the...

melwri0881 Mar 4, 2007
[color=turquoise] beethoven has a beautiful smile.[/color]

Mummm Sep 25, 2007
Beethoven is like the music of the composer; just beautiful! What a...

theweezer Oct 13, 2007
Beautiful Puppy!! I'm amazed to learn he is a blend of two large...

weaselsmom Jan 25, 2008
This puppy is absolute perfection. But there is NO WAY he is...

mrinmoy Feb 10, 2008
I've a quit similar pup with me just came to me by an...

Doggymommy Mar 18, 2008
He is a beautiful puppy!! Many years of happiness to you all.

melodious Aug 17, 2008
How adorable. He looks all tuckered out.

puppies rule Apr 16, 2009
what breed it he

mollie and emmie Jul 26, 2009
is he a sleep pup

Roxy29 Oct 7, 2011
This is to die for !!! I WANT ONE !!!! Such a cutie pie !!!