Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Jun 18, 2007 subarugirl06
Yay I think I'm first! 11 biscuits! cute!
Jun 18, 2007 sylvanbliss
Beldar! Beyond cute...scruffilisious. Best wishes with the therapy dog training. I can see Beldar lighting up any room he enters. Such an inteligent face, he should do well.

My sympathies for your loss of Bentley. The food I gave my dogs was recalled. I told myself their size would keep them safe. If you lost Bentley at 120 lbs., no dog is safe. Tragic.

Now, I have to rent that movie.
Jun 18, 2007 untbunny
Beldar- You are a beautiful baby. My heart goes out to your family with the loss of your big brother. So sad to know that big brother was one of the lost babies. It appears you have a full, exciting life ahead of you little one. Love the big ears and soulful eyes. Puppy kisses on your sweet nose and big belly rubs.
Jun 18, 2007 flyingdachshund
He is soooooooo adorable and sounds like a really great dog!
I am so sorry about Bentley--that must have been unimaginably horrible. I hope that Beldar is licking your tears and easing your pain...
Jun 18, 2007 DogyLvr
What a personality. Walt Disney would have turned Beldar into a star! Especially with this story to tell.
Jun 18, 2007 ckporter73
I am so sad to hear about Bentley.

I love how Beldar's natural coloring frames his face with a heart! Too cool. He is darling!
Jun 18, 2007 allimarie
Bentley's story is very upsetting; I'm so sorry. Beldar is adorable, however, and I hope he brings you more and more joy each day. On a side note, his name's unusual -- I don't suppose it's inspired by David Eddings' _The Belgariad_ series, is it?
Jun 18, 2007 sheltiemum
What a doll baby!! His ears are specacular!! You have my deepest sympathy on your loss of Bentley. I would be haert-broken and REALLY PO'd!! I hope your new little furkid helps fill the hole in your hearts.
Jun 18, 2007 sue
hes beautiful
Jun 18, 2007 sue
hes beautiful
Jun 18, 2007 MichelleT
what a cute puppy, Beldar sounds like some name out of Tolkien's middle earth. Hugs & kisses
Jun 18, 2007 McKennasMom
Wow such a unique breed! LOVE the eyes.
Jun 18, 2007 dorie
what a face!! I'm in love!!!
Biscuits and kisses!!
Jun 18, 2007 Terry C
My deepest, most heartfelt condolences on your loss.
Jun 18, 2007 Sashasmommy
I'm so sorry for the loss of your other dog. My friend's mother lost one, too. It makes me so sad to think about it... but I'm glad you found another friend and he is a cute one, too! I love the one-ear-up-one-ear-down look.
Jun 18, 2007 tazziesmom
So sorry about your loss. But this guy is adorable! I have never heard of this breed. Sounds like a great family pet and he is sooooooo cute!
Jun 18, 2007 gem1945
So very sorry for the loss of Bentley, may his memory always remain with you. Glad you found Beldar, he looks so sweet. May he bring you much joy and fill the hole in your heart! Best wishes from one who has lost several very dear canine friends. Thank goodness there are always those who need good homes to fill our lives with joy. I can't imagine life without our "best friends"!
Jun 18, 2007 zoozieQ
it is such a tragedy the way you lost your first dog...i'm sorry!
Jun 18, 2007 debora
Oh my God, I can't believe about Bentley. My heart and soul goes ou to you. It's bad enough loosing a dog, but because of that? Horrendous. Beldar seems like the perfect doggie.
Jun 18, 2007 mstrendytresses
I'm so deeply saddened by the tale of Bentley. What a tragic way to lose a family member, I'm so sorry. On a brighter note, Beldar is the most uniquely handsome dog I've seen, and he appears to be an absolute joy. May the doggie fairies watch over you and yours, and keep you all healthy & happy. :) Take Care.
Jun 18, 2007 llt214
I am so sorry about the loss of Bentley...breaks my heart. That is a tragedy that never should have happened. On a happier note, your little Beldar is absolutely gorgeous and so photogenic!!! I hope you have many, many happy years with this precious little guy!! Smooches to Beldar!
Jun 18, 2007 vic1of2
What a handsome man.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Jun 18, 2007 pauleenm
He's so sweet. I'm so sorry you lost Bentley to the tainted pet food.
Jun 18, 2007 jojo
So sorry to hear of your unfortunate loss of Bentley. Because of health reasons, I fed our dog Dr. Harvey's blend of a bunch of dried stuff mixed with my own protein and rice. My dog loved it and did much better than when he was on a prescription food. Anyhow, Beldar is the cutest, sweetest pup. I hope to see more pictures as he grows! And what a grand life in store for him as a therapy dog! Thanks!
Jun 18, 2007 schatzis_mom
What a lovely story. My heart goes out to your family for your loss, but what a wonderful addition you seem to have found in Beldar!

I was very excited to see my Daily Puppy email in my inbox at work today. Your Beldar looks strikingly like my shelter rescue, Schatzi. I can't wait to tell my best friend and Schatzi's sisters mom, Michelle that we may have a better idea of their breed! We knew pretty quickly that they weren't the Schnauzer mix the humane society had labeled them as.
Jun 18, 2007 3dogmom
Beldar has such wise knowing eyes. I think he will make a wonderful therapy dog. And what a fitting tribute to Bentley. I'm sure they would have been great friends. Although you have this new wonderful pup to love I know you loss was a difficult one. My deepest sympathy.
Jun 18, 2007 houndluvr
Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous breed of puppy love!

Beldar -- your ears are so expressive, and your eyes so soulful! I just want to squeeeeeeeze you and give you some puppy kisses. You're making your whole family very happy, and will for years and years to come.

My condolences on the loss of Bentley. Just awful.
Jun 18, 2007 sph
Beldar is one handsome little man! He is not a conehead! Isn't that where the name is from? Enjoy! Mip! Mip!
Jun 18, 2007 dogsrule
Poor Bentley. How sad you must be. I am sad too just hearing about him. :(

But you have a simply wonderful gorgeous darling new pup who looks very intelligent too. Good luck with him. Thanks for the photos and sharing. :) He's great!
Jun 18, 2007 BeckersUNC
So very sorry for your loss; I'm glad you decided to get Beldar to carry on in Bentley's place in your home. The pupster is just adorable.
Jun 18, 2007 caraschotch
Am I the only one who knows that Beldar's middle name is Conehead? From a town in France? I laughed when I saw that name attached to this beautiful and intelligent boy. I am so sorry for your loss of Bentley--- what a tragedy. I hope Beldar fills your life with laughter and love.
Jun 18, 2007 susannajon
My heart goes out to you on the loss of your beloved Bently. Such a senseless loss. I am glad you found sweet Beldar. What soulful eyes he has!
Jun 18, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
100 biscuits to Beldar~~~~ what a beautiful baby
Jun 18, 2007 bopeep
Deepest sympathy on the tragic loss of Bentley. It is always difficult to lose our precious babies, but your circumstances are very tragic. After reading several articles on the contents of commerical dog food, shortly before this tainted food came out, I quit feeding my babies commercial dog food. Very best wishes on your new handsome baby, Beldar. I bet he makes a superior therapy dog. He looks so loving. Hugs and kisses.
Jun 18, 2007 scobig
Thats my favorite movie! What an adorable breed! I am very sorry you lost your other baby, what a nightmare. I just stay away from grocery store pet food altogether. I use a holistic brand and cook for my dogs to be safe.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your Beldar with us! Tummy rubs and kisses to you Beldar! Isnt that from the movie Coneheads? Haha.
Jun 18, 2007 Wolfenstein
Your Beldar is beautiful, I'm glad you have him to help you through the tragedy of loosing a friend :(

The issue with the recalled food is the quality of ingredients. All of the foods affected had some form of tainted ground/milled corn which is hard for dogs to digest, anyway. There are plenty of premium dog foods available through pet supply stores that contain no corn or soy and little if any animal by-product. These foods cost a little more, but it's worth it for the peace of mind knowing your dog is getting something so healthy! (They also tend to help keep coats glossy, keep doggy smell to a minimum, and dogs will even need to eat and poop less!)

11 biscuits for Beldar, for being so cute and for being such a wonderful new friend!
Jun 18, 2007 Lillian
Oh Beldar, what a beautiful dog you are, an angel in a fur coat. May our dear Lord keep you healthy and give you a long life with your new family. You will make a great therapy dog.

I am so sorry for your loss of Bentley, so tragic.

Jun 18, 2007 FRITZY
I am so sorry for your loss. The recall has been so frightening. I pray for those who have lost their loved ones. Please accept my condolences. Beldar is precious and i happy that you have another "angel" in your life. God bless your family.
Jun 18, 2007 tristatedawn
His left ear alone is worth 11 biscuits!!!

I know you will always miss Bently but I know through experience that having another 4 legged angel to love does help in easing the pain.
Jun 18, 2007 stellasmom
I love the picture of him "tasting" the tree! He is a unique and handsome pooch.
Jun 18, 2007 heylady54
Be very careful with the rawhide bones. Our perfectly healthy 10 year old dog choked to death (in my arms) on the way to the vet. She broke off a piece and it we wouldn't get it out.
Jun 18, 2007
I am so sorry about Bentley. I hope he didnt suffer. Beldar is a beautiful dog. I wish you years of happiness with him. I didnt know the breed although I live in France. I love it. So unique.
I feed my dogs holistic food and add fresh food to it. Better to be safe.
Jun 18, 2007
I am so sorry about Bentley I hope he didnt suffer. Beldar is beautiful and looks very wise, I wish you many happy years together. I didnt know this breed although I live in France, I love it.
I feed my dogs holistic food with fresh food mixed in. Better to be safe.
Jun 18, 2007 mom-lainie
What intelligence! You can just see the curiosity in those eyes. I never heard fo the breed before now that i have i must read up about it some more. Enjoy your new treasure!
Jun 18, 2007 Muktabai
What a gorgeous dog! He looks like a wise soul in a puppy body. Very handsome and sweet.
Jun 18, 2007 mountainfamily
Start training him now! He looks like he'll be able to learn a lot, judging just by the intelligence in those beautiful eyes!

Feel SO sorry for your Irish Wolfhound - when we heard about the dog food poisoning, we were scared for our dog. But luckily, the "Atta Boy" that she eats was NOT one of the recalled brands. Be on teh safe side and feed them "Atta Boy," because it's a good brand - though it made our pooch a little fat!! :)
Jun 18, 2007 mountainfamily
typo in there - THE -
Jun 18, 2007 mountainfamily
Ps. How come Beldar is named, Beldar? Did you literally name him after the conehead guy?
Jun 18, 2007 GOLDENPUP
i hope the training goes well!! Beldar you are adorable!11 biscuits!
Jun 18, 2007 MelissaJ555
Thank you for posting your story and for your loss. Beldar is fabulous.
Jun 18, 2007 Rena1955
What a beautiful dog. Love all the photos. He has such presence and personality. May you have many wonderful years with your puppy.
Jun 18, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Beldar is sooo cute. You will have fun with him. So sorry about your loss. I couldn't imagine life with out Chloe. She kind of looks like Beldar's friend but her face isn't as white. Enjoy....
Jun 18, 2007 BTLabs
I am so sorry that you lost Bentley. That should have never happened and I pray it never will happen again. I am so glad that you found just the puppy you wanted! I had never heard of this breed so I enjoyed reading about them. Beldar is a very handsome boy. That's so great that you are working to get his TDI. We have a released Guiding Eyes Lab and we are doing the same thing with him. He just passed his CGC test. One of the members of my daughter's 4H group is a young man with Down's Syndrome and working with his aide's dog has done wonderful things for him. I'm sure Beldar will bless many lives becuase you care enough to let him! God bless you and Beldar!
Jun 18, 2007 BTLabs
P.S. I love the picture with Foxy. I have a soft spot for senior dogs as two of my Boston Terriers are elderly. What a sweet face!
Jun 18, 2007 Cheryl
So my favorite site is also educational -- had never heard of this breed and thought Winn Dixie was a mutt.

Beldar is absolultely, positively adorable...such intelligence and expression on that face. He deserves a zillion biscuits.

And I, too, am so sorry about Bentley.
Jun 18, 2007 Chris Myers
So sorry to hear about Bentley, would love to see a picture of him. Beldar is really cute. he should get twelve biscuits
Jun 18, 2007 Loizhanne
I am so sorry to hear about Bentley. I am glad to see that there is a scruffy little nose attached to a precious heart that will help to see you through your pain. What a delightful puppy! I had never heard of a Berger Picard before, and had no idea that there was such a sweet, scruffy breed out there. I love his name. Thanks for sharing.
Jun 18, 2007 javamom
Beldar is a scruffy mutt mutt sweetheart! He is just too cute. I adore the one ear up & one ear down thing, and what a winsome look when he turns that head and looks up at you like that!! Oh boy- he's just too adorable. I wihs you many many long years of love and fun with Beldar!

My deepest sympathies on the loss of your friend & companion Bentley.
Jun 18, 2007 dancerjo
aw he is so cute! i am sorry to hear about Bentley. but defiantly a cute puppy!
Jun 18, 2007 TessiesMum
Very sad news about your Bentley, but may Beldar with his beautiful face give you many years of joy!
Jun 18, 2007 LadySierraAnnaFlowers
i am VERY sorry about your loss. i hope that you are ok. i love animals very much.God will watch over you & the new puppy. LadySierraAnnaFlowers.
Jun 18, 2007 cookie
that looks just like my puppy brie! i have some pictures of her posted around here! you should check her out
Jun 18, 2007 cookie
that looks just like my puppy brie! i have some pictures of her posted around here! you should check her out
Jun 18, 2007 cookie
opps... ehehe wrond puppy.. sorry... tehe..
Jun 18, 2007 shimmertwist
I LOVE Berger Picards! [My Mom has one!], Beldar is a cutie pie! 11 biscuits, fersure!

Sorry to hear about your Bentley. [[[[hugs]]]]]
Jun 18, 2007 greenleaf
I am, as others sad for your loss. I too am just starting to get over the loss of my buddy.
Mine was from Vet mispractise unfortunately.

But Beldar-!! What a bright spot-! I have never even considered a pure breed for a friend, but this guy just lights up the room- I just know he will bring so much joy as a therapy dog. -Berger Picards- I will definitely look into these. He is simple- u- scruffilisious,(by sylvanbliss on 06/18/07 00:44:05)- couldn't have described him better. I try real hard not to be envious of others, but will admit after seeing him- Lord I have sinned-LOL -Thank you for sharing your new blessing-be happy, enjoy
Jun 18, 2007 TXJulie
What a sweet, wise face on your beautiful Beldar! And I'm guessing you did name him after Beldar Conehead, since the Coneheads claimed to be from France? Too funny!

My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Bentley. That whole horrendous thing has about convinced me to give my dog holistic and/or homemade food (which, admittedly, I should have been doing all along). But I'm so sorry that sweet pups like yours had to sacrifice for a lot of us to learn something. Hugs and peace to you...

Oh, and Heylady54...I'm deeply sorry about your loss as well. Hearing horror stories like yours is what made us stop giving our pup rawhide "chewies". I hope you're healing peacefully...
Jun 18, 2007 lisaivey
So sorry to hear you lost a furbaby in the pet food mess. How awful.

Beldar is SO pretty! He has such unique coloring and I love those lopsided ears!
Jun 18, 2007 lotsapets
Beldar is a beautiful little dog !! In some of the photos, he slightly resembles a touch of wolf, just by the way his head is turned. I am so very sorry for the loss of your Wolfhound.........this dog and cat food thing is so tragic, I hope they find a solution SOON !!
Jun 18, 2007 honeybear912
Beldar is such a sweetheart! When I saw Because of Winn-Dixie, I remember thinking what a unique looking dog, too! :)

I was wondering: what breed is that other dog that is in one of the pics with Beldar? He/she looks sweet too! My husband and I are researching breeds for our first dog together. :)
Jun 18, 2007 poewing
wow, that picture is so sharp. What's your camera. E-mail through my member name.
Jun 18, 2007 diva_doglover
Note from Beldar's Mom: I (and Beldar, if he could read ;-) have loved all your wonderful comments about Beldar. And thank you so much for your condolences and sympathy regarding our loss of Bentley. Some of you have lost dogs, too, and know how tough it can be. They're all special, but some just have really big personalities, and Bentley was one of those "almost human" big guys!

Beldar has been a blessing, and it really does help to add him to our home. He keeps us very busy, and entertains us every day with his puppy antics. I hope to get good enough pictures of him when he's grown so that perhaps he'll appear on the site again.

Beldar sends you all doggy kisses!!
Jun 18, 2007 Lucky
I am so sorry for your loss, I also have a Berger Picard (Bandit) He is a wonderful dog, very sensitive and kind. You will truely enjoy this puppy they have hearts of gold...
Jun 19, 2007 sheron
WOW! : ) What a cutie!!!
Jun 19, 2007 piobaire
His coloring is almost like a wolf. What a wonderful dog!
Jun 19, 2007 vllybllstar
awww mannn he is too cute for words!
im sorry about bentley--he shouldn't have died! :(
but i rejoice with you at your bond with Beldar!
and i also love your other dog, foxy, and may they both live for a very long time! :D
Jun 20, 2007 Liam4276
He is so cute! Now I want a Berger Picard!
Jun 20, 2007 Vincent
He's adorable! Is he from the breeder in Kansas?
Jun 21, 2007 Gretchen
Well, I must say that is one gorgeous Picardy puppy!:) I am so glad that he is doing well. I love the stage where the ears can't decide whether to stay up or not. Please tell Beldar that his parents say hello!:) He looks great and I am thrilled to see him looking so happy and photogenic. Please give him lots of love for me!:)
Jul 1, 2007 CheeStaysFly
I'm not sure if anyone has asked this yet since there are so many comments, but did you by any chance name your dog after Dan Akroyd's character 'Beldar' from Coneheads? Beldar is a cutie, by the way.
Aug 24, 2007 memiownself
Out of tragedy came Beldar and what a beauty he is! I hope to have a Berger picard one day...they are wonderfully expressive dogs. Please take care of him!
Feb 11, 2009 puppyloveforme
He's wonderful! I'm sorry you lost Bentley. My heart goes out to you Enjoy your lovely Beldar, he's quite gorgeous!!! just noticed what another poster said--scruffilisious! great word, that's what he is!!!!
Mar 31, 2009 quilla
So sorry for your loss!!!! This baby will never replace Bentley but he will help your heart heal with puppy love!!! He is beautiful...I have never seen this breed before so thank you for sharing this wonderful boy!!!!
Nov 19, 2009 NanetteTredoux
What a lovely dog. Never heard about the breed. I wish you much joy.
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