Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Dec 9, 2009 kdcrazy
Bella is such a cutie! Who couldn't resist those adorable eyes? Please give her lots of love, treats, and belly rubs for me. Have a happy, healthy, and overall wonderful life together! Hope you have fun with Pixy!
Dec 9, 2009 pupfanatic
How could anyone not love this little fluffernutter??!!! I mean, what a morsel of cute! Bella, keep chewing on Pixy (hope she likes it, too). A gazillion hugs and treats for you, sweet weiner girl!
Dec 9, 2009 princelover
Awwwwwww! How very sweet. I love a sleeping puppy. She is adorable. Hugs from Sher, Prince and Coby
Dec 9, 2009 elliekawaii
Little Bella bee! My name is also Bella and I think you are such a cute binkie. I love the way you're smiling in most of the photos. xx
Dec 9, 2009 doggie friend
what cuteie,my mum alway wanted a dach,am just in love with this one,she going to get alot of love.
Dec 9, 2009 sunshineangel
Oh My Goodness, she is just Beautiful! How cute can you Get, Bella! Lots of hugs and kisses and all the biscuits you want! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this dreary morning.
Dec 9, 2009 jessicasummerfield
Bella, you little bundle of love! Sleep well and have lots of fun with Pixy and your humans! xx
Dec 9, 2009 Pamela057
She is so precious.
Dec 9, 2009 snowy and me
awww.... chooo chveet... so cudly and kissable.. mmuuaahh bella sweetie
Dec 9, 2009 K9_KRZY
Aaawww Bella, you are just adoreable! You look like you would be an excellent snuggler! What a cute little girl you are.
Dec 9, 2009 docman
Bella is adorable!!! Keep on digging!!!
Dec 9, 2009 longislander
Bella - what a great name for a bella puppy. All that energy, like all doxies. You have to love them. Many happy years with your adorable pup.
Dec 9, 2009 lady_illusionitst
I am not normally a huge dachshund fan...but...I do love the long haired of the breed! Bella is the perfect name for such a beautiful wee girl. Those eyes...heavens but don't they say it all. You are a wonderful pup baby. Huge Huge puppy *hugs*....
Dec 9, 2009 fluffy ears
AWWW! So cute! Lots of belly rubs!
Dec 9, 2009 lady_illusionitst
And I had to make a comment on this pic too...You sweet sleeping angel. So lovely...I just want to get down and nuzzle that peaceful baby.
Dec 9, 2009 daphne's mom
What a cutie! Bella I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Dec 9, 2009 guerrero's grandma
He He He He... hey, why'd you stop? More tummy tickles please... Bella, you are a bundle of cuteness & I'd love to cuddle with you! Long & happy & healthy life & loads of loving tummy tickles to you
Dec 9, 2009 goldenlover
"Please rub my belly." Adorable little gal.
Dec 9, 2009 caroleanne
Rub my belly, please.
Dec 9, 2009 Niki97cherry
Very cute ! They are really sweet when they are that size !
Dec 9, 2009 mvh
Of course this is irresistible. This is a little angel full of fun.
Dec 9, 2009 ShihTzuLvr
Oh how precious. You are such a cutie and I love the belly shot. Many kisses and cookies! Happy holidays.
Dec 9, 2009 puppyloveforme
Bella you're Bella! Very pretty little girl! Love this photo of you--off in sleepy puppyland, dreaming of chewing on Pixy no doubt! Enjoy your life and your family. Loads of biscuits, cuddles, love and treats for the beautiful little Bella!
Dec 9, 2009 fritzy
Dec 9, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Omigoodness, I'm totally in love! What a cute little girl. Adorable! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 9, 2009 mcopp
Bella your very adorable. It looks like you enjoy having your picture taken.
Dec 9, 2009 ckendall
They say great things come in small packages and I think this little cutie is proof of that!!!!!! 100% ADORABLE!!!!!!!
Dec 9, 2009 kiljey
AWWWWWWW! How cute! Kisses and hugs for you, It makes my day to come in to work and find these beautiful babies the first thing!
Dec 9, 2009 dogloverns
She is just too adorable for words!! This is the first time I have seen a long-haired Doxie, very nice...
Dec 9, 2009 Maxwells Mom
Oh Bella your name suits you so well! You are Beautiful!!
Dec 9, 2009 curlyreddogs
silly puppy...but tooooooo cute!! lots of belly rubs and cookies.
Dec 9, 2009 horse_rider
Now, how does anyone pick a favorite photo!? Those irresistible doe-like eyes... that little pink belly and the smile... but this photo is just toooo sweet. Bella, chew away... no one could possibly say no to you.
Dec 9, 2009 NotBob
Such a little sweetie-pie! Bless you, little Bella. XXx
Dec 9, 2009 amyliz
What are you peeking at here, Miss Bella? You are appropriately named, you little beauty?
Dec 9, 2009 JerseyPat
Precious.....I just lost my dachshund in Aug. She was a long haired and looked like Bella. She almost made it to 15 years old...Give her all the love you can and you will be given so much more from her....
Dec 9, 2009 w102663
I love so many of Bella's pictures it is truly hard to pick one as a fav! Bella is a delightful and sweet Doxie, WHAT A FACE!...loved her bio.:D hugs, kisses and puppy cookies for Bella and Pixy
Dec 9, 2009 loveheals
Bella is an adorable little pixie and looks so soft! Wishing you all many years of joy together!
Dec 9, 2009 Nausheen
GOSH! I've never seen a cuter,more gorgeous puppy than this little bundle of cuddles. Her innocent beauty can melt anybody's heart,the very instant they lay their eyes on her. In the photo,where she's sleeping...she looks TOO adorable and I love the color of her coat;it's such a pretty shade of brown:D She beats the fantasy novel series-Twilight's heroine 'Bella',any day! This Bella definitely overtakes that Bella in the beauty department,LOL!
Dec 9, 2009 Nausheen
GOSH! I've never seen a cuter,more gorgeous puppy than this little bundle of cuddles. Her innocent beauty can melt anybody's heart,the very instant they lay their eyes on her. In the photo,where she's sleeping...she looks TOO adorable and I love the color of her coat-it's such a pretty shade of brown. All the best for this cutie pie...endless hugs and kisses...and I really wish she was mine,LOL!
Dec 9, 2009 Nausheen
Little sleeping cherub...she's prettier than an angel...LOVE YOU...WANNA CUDDLE YOU AND HUG YOU, SO MUCH!
Dec 9, 2009 theheaddog
Hello Precious Bella...You are my Birthday puppy as today is my Birthday. I couldn't have wished for a more cuter puppy to greet me this morning. be good to your family and they will in return shower you with oodles of love.
Dec 9, 2009 Jarrett
Ohhh, you little sweetie, how I would love to be your mommie ! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
Dec 9, 2009 Shelly
Awww Bella!!! Playful girl!!! Have a long and happy life sweetheart!!! Big hugs, smooches and lots of yummy treats from down under!!! ^_^
Dec 9, 2009 Shelly
Dec 9, 2009 molly's mom
What a pretty little girl!!!!!
Dec 9, 2009 luvthempups
Bella, you are beautiful like your name! It was hard to choose just one picture. She's so cute in all of them! Have a happy life with Pixy and your new family.
Dec 9, 2009 lalamcgoo
Awwwww, itty bitty pretty girl!!!! She is just a precious little thing, I love her!!
Dec 9, 2009 mellimuffin
What a sweet fluffy puppy!
Dec 9, 2009 lindicator
Beautiful Bella. Longhaired Doxie puppies are the cutest and she is at the top of the cuteness scale. You are so lucky to be stating your journey with that sweet little girl!
Dec 9, 2009 BASummers
PUPPY BELLY!!! Ahem. Sorry, I have to yell that whenever I see one! Bella is an absolute doll. Give her an extra snuggle from her Daily Puppy fans!
Dec 9, 2009 TooeyandBumble'sMom
She's smiling!!
Dec 9, 2009 sadieluvr12345
Dec 9, 2009 lucymom
Bella, you are such a cutie-pie! Now don't tease Pixy too much! And don't chew any shoes!
Dec 9, 2009 ilovepuppies728
oh my god bella you're so beautiful!!!!!!!!
Dec 9, 2009 2weeniedogs
so sweet...I have two...a long hair and a short, so sweet. Bella makes me want another one!
Dec 9, 2009 lovemydog
I'm in love! Give that sweet puppy a kiss for me!
Dec 9, 2009 jsewell51
Bella - you are such a cute little thing. You make me smile!
Dec 9, 2009 Fluffmommy
Aww Bella, you are too adorable! Being so cute is hard work; no wonder you need a nap! Many happy years to you
Dec 9, 2009 MomluvsChar
Bella your name says it all! Love the little baby belly :) tons of treats for you!
Dec 9, 2009 The Raven
Say "cheese" and smile for the camera. Well done!!! You are such a cutie. And in such a tiny packaging. Enjoy yourself. ANd your two legged and four legged family.
Dec 9, 2009 LaurenM
Awwww.... you sweet, sweet little girl!! You are the most adorable thing I have ever seen!! If you were mine, I'd never be able to put you down!! Love you!!
Dec 9, 2009 weaverpup
what a great picture of a real cute puppy!
Dec 9, 2009 Mary Jacq
As the mom of two mini dachshunds, I can say there's nothing as sweet as a sleeping doxie! Unless maybe it's doxie puppy breath! Have a wonderful life of love and play, little Bella!
Dec 9, 2009 sabrett
Too much cuteness! I want to squeeze her! Now go register her on Many happy healthy years to "beautiful"
Dec 9, 2009 milton's mom
Who needs a Zhu-Zhu pet when you can have a bella Bella?! Sweet dreams, little poopsie.
Dec 9, 2009 HillCountryGal
Wow! What's not to love here?!! Such a precious bundle of love. Extra hugs and treats for you sweetheart.
Dec 9, 2009 happyperson498
OH MY GOOD GOD WHAT A CUTIE!!! Who ccould resist those eyes????? OMG I think I'm gunna die from a love overdose!! OOOHHHHH!!!!
Dec 9, 2009 hendee22
simply adorable!
Dec 9, 2009 maddie the dog
I am so sleepy
Dec 9, 2009 kcalma
Too cute! I want her! Lots of love and biscuits!!!
Dec 9, 2009 2pupsmomma
Just beautiful.
Dec 9, 2009 jolieavon
I wish she was sleeping in my arms! What a sweetheart!!
Dec 9, 2009 Rosie-woofwoof
I wish I could rub that soft little belleh!! Too cute!
Dec 9, 2009 Malimom definitly deserve the Puppy of the the Day and lots of treats. I love the heart shape of her belly hair.very cute. Have a great day.
Dec 9, 2009 Crittersister
This is the cutest! Bella's a beauty!
Dec 9, 2009 cosmicsnup
What a cute little girl. She looks so soft - I just want to rub that belly! And what beautiful color her fur is. She is too sweet.
Dec 9, 2009 piobaire
How do you pick just one picture out of these? She's SO CUTE!! Look at this little face and smile? What a dolly!!
Dec 9, 2009 abbylovepuppy
aaawww!! so cute!!! Thank you very much bella! you just made my day!
Dec 9, 2009 tootsie3
Bella is a little doll baby,we have a longhair dachshound also he will be8yrs come Jan. Bella looks just like our Fudge,the markings are just the same. THE ears the color ,,she looksjust like fudge did when we got him .He was a hand full also chewing everything ,he out grew all of that ,he is such a loving boy and I,m sure Bella is going to be also ENJOY ALL THE GOOD TIMES THAT ARE COMING WITH BELLA ,OH BY THE WAY FUDGE,S PICTURES ARE ON HERE ALSO SEE YOU CAN SEE HOW MUCH THEY LOOK A LIKE.
Dec 9, 2009 sagittarian65
I was having a really bad day and then saw this bella!! doxies are my fave and she is so adorable! thanks for making me smile bella and a big hug and kiss to you xo
Dec 9, 2009 gail koup
Bella this is absolutely too cute!!! I am so glad you have a wonderful and loving home! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :-)
Dec 9, 2009 Saptember
what a cutie... i just love dachshunds
Dec 9, 2009 puplove13
OMG Bella is sooooo adorable! Her coat is beautiful! I love dachshunds! :D:D
Dec 9, 2009 Rebel'sMom
Bella, you are abosultly adorable! Lots of long happy years for you and your family! Doxi's are so loving.
Dec 9, 2009 peaceout
aww she or he is so cute i think he is hiding behind a rock i love him
Dec 9, 2009 Molly44
Awww Bella is so cute!
Dec 9, 2009 djmc
Nothing cuter than a puppy belly , Bella you are a little doll. Love ya baby hugs and kisses. And can't forget belly rubs
Dec 9, 2009 lornad1103
What A beautiful little doggie! Have a wonderful happy life with your family. lots of love, treats & belly rubs for you Bella from Me & My Min Pin Doggie "Georgia"
Dec 9, 2009 AwesomeMe!:)
Dec 9, 2009 feather
oh, she is so very teensy weensy...I can't believe she's real. She is so adorable and has made my day. How fortunate we humans are to have these gorgeous animal companions to share life with. Thank you Bella.
Dec 9, 2009 iluvk9s
Oh my goodness total sweetness overload!! This adorable fluffy girl is sooo precious. Endless snuggles, cookies, kisses and hugs for Bella!!!
Dec 9, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Bella looks like a happy little darling girl! What a sweetheart she is indeed. I want to rub that pink puppy tummy. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Dec 9, 2009 Applegirl
you are such a gorgeous girl, bella! What a perfect little puppy! I just want to snuggle up with her, her ears look so soft!!
Dec 9, 2009 Joonat
You're such a gorgeous playful puppy.
Dec 9, 2009 Cooper :-)
Ohh she is soo cute she looks like she is ready to play
Dec 9, 2009 taniamorse85
I wanna rub that belly! Bella is such a beautiful puppy! I love long-haired doxies, especially because of those ears! I just love that 'feathered' look. Bella seems like a really sweet, playful puppy.
Dec 9, 2009 jaspersmom1
Bellla is a beautiful Doxie. They are so much fun. Good luck with her! Lots of love, biscuits, and belly rubs for this lovely little girl:)
Dec 9, 2009 wolfgirl66
ALL of these pics of sweet & adorable Bella are very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 9, 2009 wolfgirl66
Dec 9, 2009 ArcticWolfLuv
Aww, 2 cute to say!! Check out my doggys!!!
Dec 9, 2009 piggysheepy
my grandma has one its going to be put down ): but yours is darling
Dec 9, 2009 piggysheepy
please give her a treat 4 me
Dec 9, 2009 laughingdog
There is nothing sweeter of more innocent that a puppy sleeping. Happy life little Bella.
Dec 9, 2009 drakes' granny
Oh what a little darling. How sweet is Bella in sleepytime. Please give her some xoxoxoxoxo and chewy puppy bones for being a good girl.
Dec 9, 2009 doggone1973
Bella you are most precious and i would love to snuggle you close.
Dec 9, 2009 DebforNow
Bella, you are too cute for words. What a beautiful face you have! I literally want to eat you up and I had a difficult time choosing just one picture of you.
Dec 9, 2009 leia kelly
So precious!
Dec 9, 2009 luvmypuppy101
She's so tiny and Adorable!
Dec 9, 2009 sac4563
What a cutie pie!
Dec 9, 2009 cuteiskul
You sweetie! lotz of hugs and kisses!
Dec 9, 2009 piggysheepy
Dec 9, 2009 Roseanne
Dec 9, 2009 jammin33333
i love watching doxies sleep. even better is when they fall asleep on you. they look so peaceful. be safe my little one.
Dec 9, 2009 wolfhowl15
soooo adorable! what a cutie pie!
Dec 9, 2009 malawi
A big tickle on your little tummy...absolute little sweetheart
Dec 9, 2009 Bearcats
Hi Bella, Was glad I got to meet you on Monday. I've heard so much about you. Sorry you couldn't stay out for the entire party. Be nice to Pixy because I think she's jealous.
Dec 9, 2009 puppy_lover98
Pooped puppy alert!
Dec 9, 2009 glyn
So very sweet. What a real cutie-pie. Lots of treats and kisses.
Dec 9, 2009 DogLuva595
Oh baybeee!!! Your are definetly bella Bella! I just am in L~O~V~E with your puppy dog eyes! I bet you family can never stay mad at you with that face! Oh my gawd! Amazing! Haha, I L~O~V~E that name! I have an Australian Shepherd named Bella! Both Bellas sound alike! Both love to chew on stuff *socks and water bottles for my girl* happy, and bouncy! More like wiggly for my Bella! Haha, but I bet your Bella is what... 5-6 pounds? My girl is 70 pounds! She is a big girl! Haha, but I just love this picture! SHe is smiling :). CUTIEEEEE! Come check out my dogs, Amber and Bella, and comment on them! THanksss!!! :] ♥ ♥ :]
Dec 9, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwwwww almost looks like a toy.
Dec 9, 2009 mary in wonderland
What a cutie! I love her smile in this picture. :)
Dec 9, 2009 lucybee
Bella-you look like those big eyed pictures that were so popular several decades ago.I can't recall the artist,but you remind me of that artwork.You're going to charm the world everywhere you go.
Dec 9, 2009 lotsapets
Bella, you are a tiny, little DOLL !! How innocent and relaxed you look.....sleep well, baby !!
Dec 9, 2009 lilyb
Bella you are so adorable, its almost not fair.
Dec 9, 2009 shortyww22
Dec 9, 2009 georgia04
What a gorgeous little bundle of cute Baby Bella is. I just want to kiss that tum-tum. I hope you have many happy and healthy years with her! Smooches and cuddles for Bella and Pixy!
Dec 9, 2009 Sadie-Stewie
Oh Bella... What a darling baby you are!! Many treats and a long and happy, healthy life to you! You are precious!!
Dec 9, 2009 sarl6618
What a beautiful sweetheart you are Bella. So cute I can't stand it.
Dec 9, 2009 lovely latvian
My heart just melted, Bella you are just SWEET - SWEET - SWEET
Dec 9, 2009 daliagarwal
if I had to explain "cute" to a child, I;d show them this pic of Bella. mmmuuuuuaaaaaahhh
Dec 9, 2009 daliagarwal
she;s smiling, i SWEAR she;s smiling !
Dec 9, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Bella, so cute, precious, and wonder your people and Pixy love you! Lots of treats and tummy rubs for Bella and Pixy, and wishes for long, healthy and happy lives with their adoring people.
Dec 9, 2009 Jose
Your sooooo cute.
Dec 10, 2009 DLGray
Such a darling little Bella!
Dec 10, 2009 Beth Elder
Bella looks so tiny, soft and sweet in this picture! She is an absolutely irresistible snugbug!
Dec 10, 2009 Detestie
She looks like an angel :3 Cute puppy.Hope you will have a lots of happy years with her ;)
Dec 10, 2009 Samba1260
Whatever comes after adorable, this dog is it!
Dec 10, 2009 maroula
You're the sweetest and cutest, especially for me because I'm specially fond of Dachshunnds.
Dec 10, 2009 maroula
I'd love to hold you and kiss your sweet nose. You're gorgeous ....!
Dec 10, 2009 maroula
Aaawwwwww, baby sleeping ...!
Dec 10, 2009 l944a
Absolute cutie-pie!
Dec 10, 2009 drgnldy14
How cute are you??????? Have a wonderful life!
Dec 10, 2009 krystan
"haaaay there....see that cute heart shaped white spot on my tummy? That means i LOVE tummy go for it, here it is."
Dec 10, 2009 krystan
now thats what i call "one tarred pup". their so cute when they sleep, just like human babies, makes you just wanna kiss em' but your afraid to cause then they'll wake up.
Dec 10, 2009 LittleK
How precious! Bella means beautiful, which is soooo true for this girl! What a cutie pie, I wish I could just snuggle up with her!
Dec 10, 2009 LittleK
How precious! Bella means beautiful, which is soooo true for this girl! What a cutie pie, I wish I could just snuggle up with her!
Dec 10, 2009 sparky2
Simply adorable.
Dec 10, 2009 jrstar
i swear this baby is smiling
Dec 11, 2009 mummm
Bella fits her name! She is absolutely beautiful.
Dec 11, 2009 TummyTickler
Bella, looks like you're ready for some tummy tickles!!!! She is pawsitively ADORABLE!!! Love her little face, her markings & colour. Bet you'll have a ton of fun with her!!! Take care sweetheart and keep safe. Love Zoey.
Dec 11, 2009 Limmyluver
O my goodness!!!!!!! Bella is 2 CUTE 4 WORDS AND 10,000,000% CUTNESS!!!!! I definatly added her to my favorites!!! Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U!
Dec 11, 2009 MaudiesMom
Aww, Bella is absolutely adorable! I love dachshund puppies, they are the cutest breed ever. Lots of love, little Bella:)
Dec 11, 2009 puppyluv2248
Sweetie you are SO adorable i love you you have the CUTEST face ive never seen a fluffier fuzzball full of love your the first one ive seen! love u lots!
Dec 12, 2009 badcat92
so cute! i love her! :) :) :) :) :)
Dec 13, 2009 ilmw98
cutiest ever! cutie! come check out my pups and please comment!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) peace!
Dec 13, 2009 Muttley
should you ever decide that you don't want her any more, I'll take her, She is way tooo cute. I just love this pic. Baby Bella, may you have a long life and be spoiled rotten every day of it with lots of hugs, kisses belly rubs(which you are ready for), cookies and what ever other treats you want.
Dec 13, 2009 terry c
Oh, she's so purty!
Dec 13, 2009 Dachshund lover
soooo cute!
Dec 13, 2009 ILOVEHARLY
cute tell her
Dec 13, 2009 misterpiko
You are soooooo adorable! Hugs 'n treats, Melissa and Jed.
Dec 14, 2009 sadde101
i love you bella your so adorable you cute lol
this puppy is terrfying!!! no biscuits from sophiepants!!
Dec 16, 2009 shontae
you soooooooooooooo cute
Dec 16, 2009 shontae
i need some love
Dec 17, 2009 naby2hip10
awwwww he looks so pretty he is so cccccccccuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeee !!!!!!!
Dec 22, 2009 peacebaby.ekk
so beautiful!!! :)
Dec 22, 2009 BCS0505
she is soooo adorable! is she shaded sable?
Dec 22, 2009 ssmit136
So adorable!
Dec 27, 2009 wardr0107
OMG that is one cute dog
Dec 30, 2009 jamie&jordyn
I love Dachshunds, I remember when my 6 year old dachshund was just a puppy :)
Jan 2, 2010 tweetybird98
awwwwwwwwwwww! she is so cute .
Jan 2, 2010 tweetybird98
she looks very teacher has a dog that is a dachshund and she is adorable but yours is cuter.
Jan 5, 2010 Shoe Shoe
U are soo cute!!
Mar 14, 2010 tape33
so cute!
Apr 24, 2010 longgirls
so cute want her so cute, i luv doxies bella is so fuzzy awwwwwwwwww
Nov 18, 2011 GraceeLovedoggys
Hi Bella I really like this Picture I Want To Just TAke U Home With Me ;}
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