Benji the Poodle Mix

Puppy Breed: Poodle

Benji was picked up on the streets of Bakersfield, California and was sent to a rescue in the area. He made an appearance on, where I had been searching for a puppy to adopt, and I came across his profile. I normally do not make impulse decisions but hours later I was driving to Bakersfield to adopt this little fluff ball. I just knew he was the pup for me! He now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. I named him Benji because when his hair grows long he looks a lot like the original Benji! He has a wild, spunky personality, and is thought to be a Poodle/Terrier mix of some sort. He loves burying bones (in the couch), rolling in dirt, running (he is the fastest boy at the dog park!), eating baby carrots, and cuddling on the couch. Recently this little desert-city pup took his first trip to my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska where he learned about grass, bugs, and birds! I love this little boy so much. At the time I adopted him I had recently moved to Las Vegas and was having a hard time adjusting to city life with no family around. He has brought so much happiness in my life and made my house feel like a home.