Monday, April 21, 2014
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Jul 27, 2012 ebead
Awww, such a sweetie! Sounds like a match made in heaven!
Jul 27, 2012 Jose
Benji you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
Jul 27, 2012 BostonMalteseLover
With this handsome little fella to greet you at the door, a house must feel like a home. Many years of health and happiness to you and Benji!
Jul 27, 2012 Missmilamae
Benji, it's 5am, I'm up and getting ready for work and I'm SMILING because I am looking at your photos. You are an adorable fluffball! Congrats to your Mom on your adoption, I'm sure you will be happy together for many years to come.
Jul 27, 2012 Abiglen
Benji, I just read your sweet, loving bio :o). I'm so happy for you and your new mommy. You are cute beyond words and are wished a happy, healthy, long and loving life ~~~ looks like you're off to a great start!!! oxoxox
Jul 27, 2012 Eiddwen.
I think that you Benji are beautiful.Fr the first time ever I don't have a dog or cat and seeing you has just made me want one even more. I wish you a wonderful life .
Jul 27, 2012 legotech
Benji looks like a Muppet! He's fab! I can totally see why you jumped in the car to fetch him.
Jul 27, 2012 joolie boolie
OH --- MY --- G-D!!!! This pup is THE CUTEST THING I have ever seen!!! How could anyone possibly have abandoned him - I WANT HIM!!! There are not enough words to say how CUTE CUTE CUTE he is!!! You deserve such cuteness for adopting him and giving him joy, and may the two of you share many many happy years xxx
Jul 27, 2012 dogluvr857
How could you not fall in love with that face? What a precious little fur ball-I wish you both a long, happy life.
Jul 27, 2012 bunkywise
Wow, that little guy should be put into production because he is SO cute! I have two great dogs of my own but if a "Benji" wandered into my yard, he would be one of the family immediately! Best wishes for many happy years together.
Jul 27, 2012 Corky'smum
Benji's mum/dad, you've done so well -- he is just GORGEOUS (I love this shot. He looks so pleased with himself.) And Benji's landed on his feet. He's probably going to be spoilt rotten :) Such puppy-perfection deserves to be!
Jul 27, 2012 goldenlover
Classic !! Great pics and wonderful story. Terrific rescue.
Jul 27, 2012 ceo
Okay, seriously, Benji you almost look like a stuffed animal in this photo. You are adorable and you have the best namesake!
Jul 27, 2012 MrMotivations
What a cutie-pie! It's great to see that Petfinders works!!
Jul 27, 2012 champfouquet
All his photo's made me smile and in this one Benji is definitely smiling back. I wish I could give him lots of cuddles, he's such a darling. Have a long and happy life, Benji!
Jul 27, 2012 spunky
Waiting for mommy to come home & play with me! Benji, you are one cute little fluff ball! Your story was beautiful & I wish you many years of love & happiness!
Jul 27, 2012 guerrero's grandma
Awwwww, I love the look on your face Benji; you remind me of my boy when I've been thoroughly tired out by playing hard with him & stop... hehe ... Benji, you are an adorable boy & I just love all your pics! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you handsome lad
Jul 27, 2012 IAmEvilHomer
He's so fuzzy & cute! I can see why that impulse was impossible to resist.
Jul 27, 2012 amyliz
OMG, I can see why it didn't take you long to decide to adopt this impossibly cute little imp! Sounds like it was a great decision for both of you...many happy and healthy years to Benji!
Jul 27, 2012 imissjess
Benji is absolutely adorable. Love his coat and bet he might be a mix with a Shih Tzu. Those sturdy looking legs are so like my pup who is a Bichon/Shih Tzu cross.
Jul 27, 2012 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
What an absolutely sweet story! Thank you for giving Benji his forever home, and I hope you two have a long, fun life together!
Jul 27, 2012 virgilsmama
You look like a beautiful toy sitting there! I love your story and your life sounds really exciting, you are a lucky rescue and your mom a lucky rescuer!
Jul 27, 2012 Spitld
He is just prescious! Looks like a yorkie-poo to me! Love both breeds!
Jul 27, 2012 mercat01
Gorgeous!! Love his face!!
Jul 27, 2012 meganbooth
100% adorable! It's easy to see how Benji stole your heart.
Jul 27, 2012 Simon123
Oh, what a lucky dog and lucky you! Benji, you are just sooooo adorable. I hope you have a terrific life together.
Jul 27, 2012 Mike Harper
This is an amazing puppy! May he give you many years of happiness and joy!!
Jul 27, 2012 cricket92429
you are simply the cutest ball of fur on the planet!!!
Jul 27, 2012 thompsblt1
Such a cute silly face!! Anyone can see how much fun and joy he must bring to you. Have a long, happy and healthy life together.
Jul 27, 2012 dogwood
I bet you have to run fast to get away from all the girls that chase you..did you get to be so gorgeous by eating all those carrots? I'm so glad you were rescued and have a wonderful home now.
Jul 27, 2012 char&pookie
Now is this the cutest pup or what? I also would have high tailed it to that shelter to scoop this lil' angel up! And you are awesome to have adopted this baby, and I'm sure that now you have your furry kid he will make your place feel like a true home-blessing you both with years and years of great health and sending tons and tons of cuddles and love to that beautiful boy!!
Jul 27, 2012 BradCountrygirl
Goodness, Benji you are a little heart-melter
Jul 27, 2012 SueA
I am so glad you adopted this pup! He is beautiful and so are you! Hope you both enjoy each other for many years to come!
Jul 27, 2012 j_myster
This is the cutest face ever! So happy you and Benji found each other, he sounds like a wonderful friend. Enjoy!
Jul 27, 2012 margaret0474
What a little character! Owner, you are in for a life filled with utter joy with this little guy around! My family had our own little girl "benji" for 11 years and what a fun,fun doggie she was!I hope you get to take him everywhere with you! Have a wonderful life!
Jul 27, 2012 RayC
Oh Benji, Benji! All your photos made me smile but the goofy grin on this one made me laugh out loud. I'm sure you'll bring huge happines to your mom. I love the story of how you came together although how you came to have been wandering the streets in the first place is unbelievable. Have a great, happy, healthy and fun life you little beauty and massive thanks to you mom for rescuing you.
Jul 27, 2012 daphne's mom
How adorable! I am so glad you gave Benji a loving forever home! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Benji!
Jul 27, 2012 Jansil40
Aw! Benji is a cutie! Glad you both were able to find one another. May he have a long, happy and healthy life with his new family.
Jul 27, 2012 molly's mom
Benji just melts my heart, so glad you found each other,happy life to you both!!!!!!!!!
Jul 27, 2012 Learama
What a cute little puppy! Benji, I am so glad you and your human came together! I hope you 2 have many years of love, treats, and good health!
Jul 27, 2012 msmulkie
you are both so lucky to have found each other! he is adorable.
Jul 27, 2012 lucybee
Who could possibly resist that crooked smile??
Jul 27, 2012 JanW
Benji, you are the cutest little mix ever!! You have just won my official "OMG!!! What A Mug!!" award for today! I love that bright happy smile and really love your story of being rescued. What a great find...for you and your mommy, too! Rescues Rule, little one...I wish you a wonderful fun life, filled with love and tummy rubs!!
Jul 27, 2012 rowdee
OMG - think I would have been driving to Bakersfield and I live on the East Coast. I'm in love...
Jul 27, 2012 The Raven
Benji Benji Benji you are not only the cutest pup but the luckiest. You got your perfect human from seeing your perfect photo. You are well worth a road trip. From Bakersfield to Las Vegas to Fairbanks, you are now a well traveled pupster. Enjoy the desert/casino/dog park lifestyle and continue to keep your person on their toes with your antics and love. Sweet lad.
Jul 27, 2012 luvthempups
Benji, you are a scruffy bundle of cuteness! Such a sweet face and I'm sure a sweet personality to go with it. Good for your person for adopting you and a happy life to you both.
Jul 27, 2012 doggieaunt
Oh my . . . you chose SO wisely!!! It sounds like Benji is doing exactly what puppies are supposed to do (make their people feel happy and their house/apartment a home)! Congrats to both of you and scritches to Benji!
Jul 27, 2012 poochies=love
Awwww!! Benji is so adorable. I can see why you immediately fell in love. And what a lucky pup to have someone who loves him so much. I bet he is a sharp fellow too! I love his sweet face,his coloring and his wild hair. This bio just made my Friday morning!! Blessings for a long and happy life together!
Jul 27, 2012 laurelburk
Oh Benji, it sounds like you found the perfect forever home!! I can see why you are loved so much - you are just a darling little guy. And how lucky are you to get to travel to Alaska already - that is one of my favorite places to visit!! Congratulations on your forever home!!
Jul 27, 2012 l.mo65
I think he's a lot cuter than the original Benji, he has beautiful colors!
Jul 27, 2012 jujube222
He is absolutely beautiful! What a blessing they are to our lives! He was meant to be loved by you!!!
Jul 27, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Benji, you look like a toy puppy. What a sweet little guy! May you have a healthy & happy life with lots of snuggles & treats from Scamp's Grammy.
Jul 27, 2012 chelsearosebud
Benji, Benji, Benji ..... could you be any more precious? Don't know how anyone could turn you over to the streets of Bakersfield, but now you have a loving Mom and a wonderful life filled with travel and adventure. To Benji's Mom, you've given us a wonderful love story today. Wishing you and Benji years and years of bliss as "one".
Jul 27, 2012 ssmmtm
Wonderful story about how the two of you found each other. Sounds like you are soul mates. Many years of happiness to both of you.
Jul 27, 2012 goldenmom18
Sometime you just have to go on impulse. This little guy is going to be a friend for life. Many happy years to you!
Jul 27, 2012 flutey48
Such a heartwarming story! Benji is a darling fur child... glad you got each other! How anyone could dump such a doll baby is beyond my comprehension.
Jul 27, 2012 Sukie
Benji you are absolutely adorable. You remind me of the first dog I owned as a kid. He was a rescue and we named him Benji too! Thanks to your owner for rescuing you and sending you oodles and oodles of belly rubs and kisses from Toronto, Canada.
Jul 27, 2012 buzz1
Cute fluffy Lil guy.
Jul 27, 2012 Mair
Benji is just beautiful - (inside and out). I'm so happy for you - our furbabies make us so happy :)
Jul 27, 2012 nancybatt1
I'm so happy that you and Mommy found each other. You are one of the most adorable pups that I have seen.
Jul 27, 2012 beach dog's mom
MOST ADORABLE PUPPY EVER!!! What a wonderful match for Benji and his owner. He clearly has the star power to light up a home. And such a sweet face! Long, happy, healthy life to you both!
Jul 27, 2012 Barnaby's mom
What a wonderful story, so glad you rescued this wonderful and darling little puppy. He has such character in his face and eyes, and so much joy and love to give. Wishing you both a happy and long life together with love and cuddles and laughter....
Jul 27, 2012 Frances016
It's Benji the beautiful! Benji you've stolen my heart. You really are one gorgeous little fella.You certainly have brought a lot of joy & happiness to your new owner & I'm sure that works both ways. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together. Have a really happy,long & healthy life Benji the beautiful.Lots of love & belly rubs.xxxxx
Jul 27, 2012 stirwise
I swear this dog was sent from outer space to destroy us all, he is so devastatingly cute! What a lucky dog and what a lucky person to have found each other.
Jul 27, 2012 Sloppy Jo
I love your story! What a face, I woulda driven to the ends of the earth too! I'm so happy you found such a wonderful and darling family member!
Jul 27, 2012 Finn's Mom
Benji is adorable! He looks like a little muppet! I bet just coming home to this wonderful little face just makes your day! Cheers to both of you!
Jul 27, 2012 mljgranny
Such a sweetie! So cute!
Jul 27, 2012 Jakesmum53
Benji you are just the most adorable pup ever! You look like you have quite the personality! I know youbring great joy to your mom. Loads of love and biscuits to you and your mother! :-)
Jul 27, 2012 Critter Crazy
Benji's expression in this photo is priceless - wonder what he is thinking!? He is adorably scruffy cute! A Disney type dog. Don't think a dog could get any cuter. May you have many years of fun and love and happiness together.
Jul 27, 2012 reet
OMG! He's absolutely adorable. Good for you for rescuing this Teddy Bear. I hope you have many years together. How could you not love him.
Jul 27, 2012 Mini Anderson Cooper
Oh Benji, You are so adorable and I just could not resist this sweet photo. I don't know quite what this look says, but to me it says: "I am the sweetest little Poodle ever." Pug Hugs and Much Love from Elizabeth and MAC in NY~
Jul 27, 2012 CA puppylover
Benji is as cute as they come! I can't imagine this little guy alone on the streets. Thank heavens you found each other!
Jul 27, 2012 drakes' granny
Oh yes, Benji is adorable. So cute and in this picture has a very sweet smile. I'm sure he has made you very happy. I'd love to cuddle him too.
Jul 27, 2012 DebforNow
Benji is a really cute puppy! Enjoy him!
Jul 27, 2012 pelligrino
Benji is so cute I can undrstand how you fell in love.
Jul 27, 2012 gouldkb
Benji - it sounds like you are a perfect match for you new human! What a cutie. I'm so glad you got rescued and adopted by a wonderful person. Long life and tons of biscuits and belly rubs for you.
Jul 27, 2012 Sibes
OMG, Benji you're adorable. 2 biscuit pup for sure!!!
Jul 27, 2012 yorkiebaby
Benji is just darling...I love his little face, big smile and curly hair. I wish you both much happiness!!!
Jul 27, 2012 piobaire
Hee hee Benji is just adorable. Isn't it great how dogs can turn a single person into a family! Many long happy years together.
Jul 27, 2012 leepem
OMG cute! I want him, you are a lucky woman, butter wouldn't melt in its mouth, have a wonderful life together, big hugs xx
Jul 27, 2012 westiefan99
Don't you even THINK about taking my toy! Benji, every single one of your pictures is beyond adorable - I can totally understand why your human had to get in her car and go get you! You just made my day glow from beginning to end. I hope you and your happy human have many years of love, cuddles, games and just sheer fun!
Jul 27, 2012 noellecooper
Actually he looks like a Poodle/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix!
Jul 27, 2012 john1069
Hi, Benji is just too cute and cuddly and i'm so proud of you for taking the chance and adopting him. I so glad he's turned out great and he will love you forever without any conditions...Thanks for saving another puppy!
Jul 27, 2012 boogie4
What a sweetie! Looks like you both lucked out. I love his sweet soft eyes.
Jul 27, 2012 allmyshelties
Benji is absolutely perfect! I can see why just looking at his picture made you fall in love. The same is happening to all of us on this site. I'm glad you found such a special friend. I totally agree that a furry best friend makes a house a home. Enjoy each other.
Jul 27, 2012 Taffysmom
what an adorable little boy! I wish you two all the happiness in the world; I'm sure you will have no trouble finding it with him Benji in your life!
Jul 27, 2012 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Benji is just gorgeous!!! Kudos to you for rescuing this angel. I am quite sure it has been a win/win situation. He has made your house a home, and you have given him a loving, forever, safe place which every dog deserves. May you two enjoy many, many wonderful years together. I am literally awestruck by his appearance. He looks like a toy because he is so cute. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario. P.S. I would think either Shih Tzu or Lhasa is in his mix, but definitely NOT Cavalier, or Terrier...whatever his mix, it's a perfect one! :)
Jul 27, 2012 kathan
Benji, you are the most adorable and cutest pup! You are so loved by your owner and you love her back so much, I know. I wish I could have you too. What a beautiful smile you have...
Jul 27, 2012 Welsh Aussie Girl
OMG he is just the cutest puppy.He's a lucky boy finding such a great home to come and live in. I think he should be pn the big screen. They give us so much happiness.
Jul 27, 2012 westiefan99
I know I've already commented today, Benji, but every time I go to my home page you're laughing, happy, fluffy, pink-tongued gorgeousness is sitting there looking at me from the DP gadget, and I just couldn't resist telling you once more that you and your mum are wonderful! Happy life, you two!
Jul 27, 2012 leia kelly
What a living doll! One of the cutest pups I have ever seen! I think my border collie would fall in love.
Jul 27, 2012 mychiensr1
Haha, Benji looks just like Ryan Seacrest. Except you are a lot cuter. I'm glad that you kept your human happy and loved. Hugs and kisses, lil' Benji!
Jul 27, 2012 bafern
Oh Benji is just as cute as they come. Who could resist that face. I'm sure he is so loveable and sweet. Wishing you a long and happy life together.
Jul 27, 2012 tzumom
OH, you are such a darling little one. What a lucky forever mommy you have. I bet you are just hugged everytime she sees you. Lots of love and tummy rubs little one.
Jul 28, 2012 michelepat60
This is the kind of face that belongs to a furry angel! Have you considered training this little treasure to be a therapy dog as he gets older. That little face certainly made me feel better! Long happy life to you dear little Benji and your human! Love from New Zealand!
Jul 28, 2012 strawbabies
Benji is too cute for words! I can't resist a little scruffy dog!
Jul 29, 2012 boudicca
How cute is he! He is what I call a street urchin or rag-a-muffin. They are always a terrier poodle mix breed. I love them too with their distinct features, loving and spunky personality; full of energy, and always a bundle of fun! You are so lucky!
Jul 29, 2012 puppy4yourlove
He really does look like Benji! I'm so glad that he is helping you adjust to your new home. Thank you for rescuing him. May you have many happy years together.
Jul 29, 2012 kylie_g
Adorable! Benji looks a lot like my Annabel!
Jul 29, 2012 wolfgirl66
Adorable Benji looks very happy!
Jul 30, 2012 veronica
wow, so cute x
Jul 30, 2012 pat smith
I am smiling - Benji is ADORABLE and your story so happy. Benji looks EXACTLY like my LuLu who was adopted from a shelter on July 13, 2012. She had been abandoned, was infested with fleas, had a food allergy, had lost most of her fur and had been at the shelter for two months on the road to recovery and adoption. I saw her sweet picture and fell in love immediately. I had been looking for another dog for over a year, since my beloved bassett hound Willie Nelson had passed away. LuLu looks so much like Benji now that her fur is growing in nicely. She has been with us for two weeks and has become our little darling who refuses to sleep in a canopy dog bed (our bed is more comfortable) and has charmed everyone she meets. She is little miss congeniality. She is now on a special formula dog food and under a vet's care, we hope her allergies are under control. We ADORE her and can't imagine why she was abandoned, but are glad we found her. Enjoy Benji, we wish you many happy years together!
Jul 30, 2012 clemency
Benji, you are so cute, and you do look like the original Benji! (But even cuter, I think!) I love your curly fur and your coloring! Such cute white paws, chest, and face!
Jul 30, 2012 SiobhanOLS
I figured out what mix Benji is. He is poodle crossed with adorable! Have fun with your little guy. I know how hard it is to make such a big move, but you did the right thing by getting a puppy. It won't feel so lonely anymore!
Aug 18, 2012 monkeynbubba
You are very Handsome, Little Benji; I bet you will forever be a happy boy with a Pet Parent who loves you sooo dearly! be safe.
Sep 2, 2012 joan1022
He is just the sweetest guy ever. I can see why you made the decision to get him. He's got the kind of face that you just can't get out of your head. He is just adorable!
Sep 16, 2012 reinaknits
Benji is him and his look. I too live in Vegas and have 2 maltese furry babies..Teddybear and Lexi. Have a good life Benji.Cuddles, bone and alotta LOVE! reina magedman
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