Bernese the Saint Bernard

Puppy Breed: Saint Bernard

I graduated this May from Nursing School and decided I wanted a puppy for my graduation present to myself. I had always wanted a Saint Bernard and coincidently I looked in the newspaper and a local family had short hair Saint Bernard puppies for sale. It seemed to me it was meant to be. I went and looked at the two puppies left, a male and a female. I fell in love with this adorable little female who slept the entire hour and a half we were there. I would pick her up and she would continue sleeping. Once I decided on her she woke up almost instantly. She has been a lover since then. She loves having her belly rubbed, but her one true love is eating everything and anything in sight. She also enjoys her puppy kindergarten class, in which she is the biggest puppy. She loves to jump over all the little puppies. Bernese is quite the little puppy. I look forward to seeing just how big she gets!