Biggie the Kuvasz

Puppy Breed: Kuvasz

Biggie's mom says: Biggie is a surprisingly sweet and mellow puppy. Most people don't know the Kuvasz breed, so they think he's a Labradoodle. Biggie is the Kuvasz ambassador in New York City and abroad, both in puppy class and through his blog. His blog helped find forever homes for two of his brothers. He is the largest puppy by far in his puppy class. He loves to be chased and to play fetch, but he quiets easily and loves to cuddle. This breed was used as livestock guarding dogs in their native Hungary, but Biggie has transferred his watchfulness to his flock of people. He is happiest when he knows where we are, and he is even happier if he's in a lap or lying on our feet. Favorite toys include anything squeaky, cardboard boxes, and anything with a little weight that he can drag around. He also loves to flip his metal water bowl, slide it around the hardwood floor, and splash in the mess he's created.